Sunday, April 6, 2008


Filler post!

Movies I watched the past few days. Being the excellent critic I am, and having my impeccable taste in movies, You can be sure you're getting the truth. :D -

Alien Vs. Predator 2 - It seemed impossible that this movie could be bad. It had Aliens, and Predators. Also a few wimpy humans to boot. All three races fighting in close proximity promised a tornado of alien killing, blood spurting action. But, going against the laws of nature, it sucked. Big time.

Charlie Wilson's War - It's a great movie, just that I don't have much to say about it. Just watch the thing, will ya?

The Golden Compass - This is one great movie! It's got fantasy worlds, talking Polar Bears and flying ship things, all of which ensure a great journey into the world of "His Dark Materials"

Meet the Spartans - Funny in parts, but as a whole, doesn't really get you rolling on the floor laughing. What? you think people don't mean it when they say ROFL?

Jumper - Watched with a couple of friends. It wasn't blockbuster class, but it provided a few good moments. Not enough though.

That 70's Show - Watching the first season. Man this show is awesome!

Heroes - Second season. Some people said it was worse than the first, but I beg to differ. Sylar's alive, more people with cool powers and Peter getting even more powerful!

Will post a proper post sometime AFTER the 23rd or so. Going to India, so will have some stuff to jot down...