Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vacation Pics

I was looking through the pictures I'd taken and realized that there wasn't much that wasn't either a personal picture or wedding stuff. Nothing with too much tourist-ey appeal. So no pictures for you. Only the sweet treacle of my words will have to do. Yes I know, it's hard, but the pain will fade soon. It's okay. *pat *pat

Anyway, Sabby's "bloggy"'s been taken off. In between all the cries of protest and the thousands of bouquets being dropped at her doorstep, I'm sure she'll eventually come to realize that she _should_ have dedicated a post to me back when she still had it. Oh and also that lots of people liked the blog. It'll be weird not having you around to call me a kid and throw a wet blanket on everything I say. Hope you achieve what you want from it's removal.

In ozzer news, I've stopped using the "-------" dividers so that _some people_ stay away from them because I use em. I mean, come on. It's like a sandwitch half eaten by Obama. It's a celebrity divider now. I will be posting it on eBay as soon as I figure out how.

Yet again I forgot to transfer that pic of me eating lays off my phone before coming to work. Oh well, content for the next post.

ALSO, should I add one of those chatbox thingys?

P.S. - Sabby, knew you wouldn't mind so I took the liberty of putting your past posts up for sale. Took em off Reader :D Everyone, posts with >10 comments start at 10$ a pop, the others are 7$. Start the bidding in the comments :P

Monday, April 27, 2009

The State Of The Union

So I take a long look at the state of things when I get back. Obviously I know that I was missed, and that all the posts dedicated to me were just deleted before I got back because the authors were embarrassed. Yes, that has to be it.

Lots of mindless crap being thrown about too. Shall we just stick it all in the garbage and move on now, please? We have bigger things to worry about now, like the towering pillar of society that we seem to have elected as chief minister, or the seemingly last bits of the war being played out up north. Never mind that Mr. Darkside wants to kill himself, whacko is going all political and sabby seems to be raging at something or the other all the time. Get over it people. Actually, whacko's all normal... I just stuck him in there because I haven't read much and wanted more names to throw in.

Anyway, will probably do the whole 'vacation pictures' thing again, later.

Good to be back, Hello all!

Hello Sphere!

Back from vacation and wondering how to get back into the flow of things. Too many posts to get round to them all. Well anyway, too lazy to write anything of substance at the moment. So I'm back. Now er...


Friday, April 10, 2009


Jerry|Away(Be back in two weeks)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do not be alarmed, you have been lied to.


The twitter HTML widget sucks.

In other news, people making false threats over the internet abound. Actually, not abound, just... what's the singular form for that? Ab? Well whatever it is, you know what I'm talking about. Calm down people. What info was put up on the Deece was already public and tales of "tracking her IP" are just fake. Anyway, it's all false. Google, Alexa and Microsoft do NOT in fact run a private eye service for 13 year olds. Just wanted to set the record straight, because it's really annoying when one of these stories gets around and I get told to put unpronounceable characters in my password because otherwise insecure little men will break into my PC and fill it up with bestiality porn. Blogger doesn't allow even the author of the blog to see much info on commenters. And google doesn't hand out logs to anyone willy nilly. So yeah, don't get all panicked, your info isn't accessible unless you put it up.


I'm off to a wedding! In India! What? I already told you? Bahhh, you suck. Mom's already there so I've been steadily losing weight the last two weeks. Should do this every time I head there, just so I can make room in my waistband for all the sweets and stuff waiting patiently in their containers, to be devoured by me. If anyone wants anything from there, tell me. And I'll pretend I forgot about it when I get back. Oh yeah, Lays chips are impossible to bring unless you stick em in a can or something, so I'll just take pictures of me eating a few packs and post them here.


is feeling the pain in his neck.


I can't help it. I'm tweeting everything now.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane

I will be missing for two weeks. Leaving for India on saturday. Thursday and Friday are free so I won't be posting.

And er...

Yeah, that's it.

Hell, I think twitter has castrated my word-spewing capability. I can't seem to get a post out.


Oh well, later maybe.

Monday, April 6, 2009

I Hate This Date

HisP tagged me for some post. Days I dislike or something like that. You're totally crampin mah stahl dhood. I don't dislike ANY day. Any day, that is, which I don't have to write a post describing days I hate on. So I guess I hate today. You bastard. You made me, the happy-go-lucky, take everything life gives ya, glass is _always_ completely full and filled with cola type of dude and made me hate, despise and actually make me want to murder the day's family! Where's Tuesday through Sunday?! Where's my chainsaw???

GRAAGH! You will die for your insolence, Utopian! You shall drown in a vat of _warm_ beer. I shall make sure of it. And it shall be non-alcoholic beer too. A warm vat of non-alcoholic beer with strawberries in it. Damn you and your whiny attitude! So a day's a little off. Deal with it, Britney. Watch your back next 6th of April. I'm watching you.
*Does two fingers pointing to own eyes, then at Utopian move.


ROFL. Took your suggestion for the stamp thingy. Put it on the left though, cos I'm still not sure how this template scales. Will prolly have to change it a bit and add a new right aligned div and stuff...

Doing it for the $$$

I was talking to a fellow blogger yesterday, and it told me that bloggers on kottu looked down on people using Google Adsense. WTF?

So the entire contents of my blog are ignored and I am labeled a leech? Fine, so maybe my post on how to spray paint a skunk isn't as high brow as your post on the intricacies of dung beetle social life, but come on. I added the things because I thought it'd be an easy way of getting some pocket money before I started working. It was. But now, it's being neglected and none of you ungrateful cows click on em much. I mean, who WOULDN'T be interested in industrial saws or project management software?

Anyway, I'd like to know why the bad mojo associated with the adverts, because, ya know, I thought for a second there, during a drunken stupor, that this blog was actually MINE.


I had a twitter account. I didn't do anything with it.
Now I get followed. So I'm obligated to update SOMETHING.
It seems interesting...
So yeah,

MyP : Will do the tag later...

Oh yeah, changed the layout a bit...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Keeping Up Appearances

Since of late, ya'll have been giving me no end of nagging about 'going soft', with one particularly deranged female(Yes, redundancy, I know) going so far as to say I'll soon be posting POETRY, and corny poetry at that. Well, I'll have you know it's all a lie. Yes people, there is no 'laiiiideeee' to you. I was kidding, now back to work, kids.

Besides, why would it make me soft? If anything, the little softness in me would be expended on the object of my smittenitty, making me more of a big meanie. My boss told me some time ago that I have an 'aura' about me. Apparently I radiated a sense of 'oh I can't be bothered with you people'. I still have it. I see it pulsing about around me, glowing in the dark. I even just purchased a 'Moon stone +23 ego'. You lot must still 'ph33r' me.

So yeah, as far as you're concerned, it was all a big joke I was playing on whacko. So stop asking me about it and go suck on a lollipop.

P.S.- Dee: I know. Nobody can resist talking to meh.