Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane

I will be missing for two weeks. Leaving for India on saturday. Thursday and Friday are free so I won't be posting.

And er...

Yeah, that's it.

Hell, I think twitter has castrated my word-spewing capability. I can't seem to get a post out.


Oh well, later maybe.


Indyana said...

Hope you enjoy the mad crowds, the base and the divine, and get pix to share!Where to exactly...ok I wont ask that? Stay safe and take care!

Jerry said...

Kerela. Trivandrum. :)


Charm Bracelet said...

Jerry Jerry Jerry. You will be missed kiddo :) Have a safe flight/trip.

Jerry said...

I know I will be.


Azrael said...

hey cool... have fun. Have a safe flight, and please leave those stewardesses alone... that goes for all the Indian lasses as well. We don't want to cause an international incident do we? :P

TC dude

santhoshi said...

Have a great trip... Trivandrum is really nice place..

Jerry said...

I will have my way with whoever I wish!

...but someone might have a word or two to say about that. Or not.

Yeah, I like the place too. Live near the beach, so it's always a fun trip. Thanks for the wishes!

Delilah said...

have a good trip brat.mwaaahhh:)

Serendib_Isle said...

Kerala? Machchi curry, machchi fry? Have a good trip J. (Won’t say post the pictures – it could look very much like your back-garden with coconut trees...)

gutterflower said...

They've got lovely earrings in India.
And those packets of lays chips are pretty damn cheap.

*hint hint*

After all I did get you the book neh?

Jerry said...

Erm... thanks?

Is that malayalam? If so, I know little of it :/
Also, here are pics from the last time :D - http://thejestah100.blogspot.com/2008/05/india.html

I know. Love lays. Will take pictures of me eating a few packs and send ya, k?

Indyana said...

Oh kerala!Nice place! and possibly our future retirement home!Enjoy the meen kozhambu's and don't go near the keralathu penn kutti's,like Azrael said!

Sarri o?

Jerry said...

Sarri sarri,
Didn't try the meen but then again it was around a wedding so it was all regular wedding food...
How many languages DO you know? O.o