Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Keeping Up Appearances

Since of late, ya'll have been giving me no end of nagging about 'going soft', with one particularly deranged female(Yes, redundancy, I know) going so far as to say I'll soon be posting POETRY, and corny poetry at that. Well, I'll have you know it's all a lie. Yes people, there is no 'laiiiideeee' to you. I was kidding, now back to work, kids.

Besides, why would it make me soft? If anything, the little softness in me would be expended on the object of my smittenitty, making me more of a big meanie. My boss told me some time ago that I have an 'aura' about me. Apparently I radiated a sense of 'oh I can't be bothered with you people'. I still have it. I see it pulsing about around me, glowing in the dark. I even just purchased a 'Moon stone +23 ego'. You lot must still 'ph33r' me.

So yeah, as far as you're concerned, it was all a big joke I was playing on whacko. So stop asking me about it and go suck on a lollipop.

P.S.- Dee: I know. Nobody can resist talking to meh.


DeeCee said...

i dont belive EEEET!!

TheWhacksteR said...

but i admit, the boy is making an effort.. encourage that mean streak a little bit more my live case study in relationship science..

hijinx said...

Maybe this was something along the lines of "Lars and the Real Girl"? not that I've actually watched the movie, but perhaps, just perhaps, that's what happened? :P

gutterflower said...

WHO asked about the poetry?
The audacity, I tell you!

Jerry said...

And I care because...?

Ooohhh, I'm a lab rat! Always wanted to be one :D

A doll? A DOLL?!?!