Monday, April 27, 2009

Hello Sphere!

Back from vacation and wondering how to get back into the flow of things. Too many posts to get round to them all. Well anyway, too lazy to write anything of substance at the moment. So I'm back. Now er...



Azrael said...

Oh, were you gone? didn't notice :P

er, welcome back anyway

Jerry said...


Lady divine said...

heya! where the hell were you??????

glad to have ya back!

looks like you've gone black! :P the template that is..:) Nice!

Jerry said...

...India? :P

I like it too!

Delilah said...

yay! the brat is back. did you bring back any cashew burfi? i waaaant.

Indyana said...


queenofdreams said...

THIS is what you rolled up your sleeves to do? ? ?

Might as well have kept them rolled down :P

Jerry said...

Yes. It was delicious.

Hello to you too! :)

The OTHER post. I was wearing a t-shirt anyway :P

Serendib_Isle said...

Just bad timing, you missed a few good fights... heh he

Jerry said...

So I see ;)