Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vacation Pics

I was looking through the pictures I'd taken and realized that there wasn't much that wasn't either a personal picture or wedding stuff. Nothing with too much tourist-ey appeal. So no pictures for you. Only the sweet treacle of my words will have to do. Yes I know, it's hard, but the pain will fade soon. It's okay. *pat *pat

Anyway, Sabby's "bloggy"'s been taken off. In between all the cries of protest and the thousands of bouquets being dropped at her doorstep, I'm sure she'll eventually come to realize that she _should_ have dedicated a post to me back when she still had it. Oh and also that lots of people liked the blog. It'll be weird not having you around to call me a kid and throw a wet blanket on everything I say. Hope you achieve what you want from it's removal.

In ozzer news, I've stopped using the "-------" dividers so that _some people_ stay away from them because I use em. I mean, come on. It's like a sandwitch half eaten by Obama. It's a celebrity divider now. I will be posting it on eBay as soon as I figure out how.

Yet again I forgot to transfer that pic of me eating lays off my phone before coming to work. Oh well, content for the next post.

ALSO, should I add one of those chatbox thingys?

P.S. - Sabby, knew you wouldn't mind so I took the liberty of putting your past posts up for sale. Took em off Reader :D Everyone, posts with >10 comments start at 10$ a pop, the others are 7$. Start the bidding in the comments :P


N B said...


I came looking for pics and you dissapointed me :-)

Jerry said...

Boo hoo

Sachintha said...

I bid $10 for any post that calls Jerry an idiot.

Jerry said...

So you want her next post then?

Indyana said...! NOW!!!

Jerry said...

Fine fine... Will just select a few with nobody in particular featured and post. Next work day. Monday. Tomorrow's May Day.

Middle Child said...

u r an absolute arse !

Gehan said...

lol wat makes u think ur da only one with a Reader huh? :P

and yes, u are such an 'arse'.. it sounds a lot meaner than 'ass' for some reason.. hmmm..

Serendib_Isle said...

Okey dokey, you paid sabby to pullout n you are selling the old posts. Racketeers, I tell you!

Jerry said...

Yeah, resort to name calling! Real mature, cow!

Well nobody else thought of it :P
Yes, it DOES sound a lot more cutting...

A white van will be around to see you soon >:D

Sabby said...

I am gonna put up a new blog and dedicate it to you, Jewwy Dear. Just the usual, y'know...Jerry's an idiot, Jerry's a cow. Easy money! =D

mixedblessings89 said...


Jerry said...

Awesome. When can you start? We'll need paypal or something...