Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shopping List

Shopping list for today:
  • 1x money changer
  • 1x Nokia BL5C battery
  • 1x Reload
So, first off, money changer. Bussed to fort, uneventful. Not even a sudden brake making some mean old woman hurtle to the front of the bus. My luck was out. Get off and start walking towards the usual guy. Exchange rate's gone down, and I'm not too adept at bargaining. Get money, start walking to Pettah to get battery for sister.

Walking through the crowd listening to, or TRYING to, Sigur Ros plays so damn quiet in Ti Ki that you can barely hear them even with in-ear earphones without turning up the volume. So I just skipped to Spaceman. Eventually found battery, stared at many people and walked back. Of course, I did manage to bring my water percentage in my body down to 55% from the excessive sweating. Do not head out at noon people. You WILL die. I was picking my way through the dead bodies on my way back to fort. The only life was around the little drink shop things.

Buuuuutttt I'd write more but I have to go now, to be continued.
See ya'll later.


Serendib_Isle said...

and you forgot to Reload! Naaa naaa na naaa naa..

mixedblessings89 said...

SOunds like it's just as hot there as it is here... btw.. why do you need a money changer? What currency did you have?

Jerry said...

Jst didn't mention it. Check next post :P

It is :( INR to localRs!