Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh the drama!

--Post Removed--

Not because of anything that retard calling himself NB did, just that it feels somehow... dirty having that post up.

Oh, it's still available for sale at your request :P



Oh well, you get the gist of it. Fine, so maybe I typed quite a bit more than required to 'ge the gist of it'. Sue me. :P
People who've posted pics on their blogs earlier > This creep was probably around for a while, so he probably copied em or something. He might post them.

Other info like location, workplace and family will be accessible only if you've blogged about them. Important thing is, do not be alarmed. He's just a seriously retarded person who thinks he's being awfully smart with all this. Maybe he'll get off on all the attention and, as he says 'bugger off'. And by seriously retarded I mean split personalities and shit. I mean, it takes a special kind of person to make multiple blogs, each opposing the other, and then post a shitload of comments from adoring fans. I honestly believe he needs treatment. EDIT : He is not a hacker, nor does he have a friend who 'hacks'. He wouldn't talk like he copied dialogue off the movie 'Hackers' if he knew anything much.

But you know what's worse? People who believe it all.


Gehan said...

good lord, jerry.. this is actually friggin brilliant.. :D

yep, totally agree, its SO damn obvious, but ppl dnt seem to see that.. i mean, suddenly leaving 'nice' comments on blogs and then having his alter ego turn into the devil incarnate.. sigh... now u know why they say reality is stranger than fiction..!

again, hilarious post! :D

Delilah said...

priceless baby!

Serendib_Isle said...

“Chilichoco” blogpost available. Wanna play the psycho? I think you’ll do a great job Jerry. :D

TheWhacksteR said...

"i am so samrt for thinking of a name so bittersweet!" :-) ;-)

i like the fact that you got the smileys right. thats attention to detail..

DeeCee said...


John said...

Is this about NB or ChiliChocolate? Anyway, I think CC is the bigger pest. Taking onto his/her (puny, large, round, pointy?) shoulders the work of censoring the blogsphere. What I'm really interested to know is how he's going to 'hack' or nevermind the policing part.

Hacking us lazy fat domain owners with our vulgar open ports, gaping security holes and crone like outdated installations of WP (yes, all domain owners run on WP. The cool ones anyway) is easy enough.

I don't even know why people should even give a toss about some dude who just wants some attention. Calm yourself bitches :P

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Im trying not to fall off ma chair laughing!! and ppl next to me in office.. are looking wierd at me...!! man this is sooooo hilarious!!

Makuluwo said...


Paparé Boy said...

You're next in line, dude. They're gonna hack your ass. :p

But I'm guessing that's exactly what you're after. So, no worries, eh? :D

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I still can't understand how some bloggers just don't get that NB, CC, CCC are all the same.
Actually NB made a huge mistake when he targeted the female bloggers. Male bloggers will smile and have a quiet chuckle at his stupidity, women unlike us seek revenge, even if it takes years. Fathers, brothers, husbands, boyfriends all recruited in their quest. Poor NB I think doesn't know he has peed off some ladies with connections in the SLGov at the highest level. :)
I don't think he wanted this to ever go offline but stay online.

Anonymous said...

jerry, honey this is the cowardly custard. behave or i will "berry" you :- )

p.s. I am sad no?

Sachintha said...

Hahah this is seriously funny.
Not your post, what's going on that is.

thekillromeoproject said...

Hilarious....! I'm vaguely jealous... :)

blackexists said...

P.S. - the last line hit home.

N B said...

Lovely :-)
Just see this

NB :-)

thesinglecouple said...

agree with Sachintha although for one horrible instant just there.... I had this sinking feeling that your blog too had transformed into one of those "kill-you-murder-me" projects :)

Jerry said...

So you're saying the other posts AREN'T brilliant? :P


I've had enough for now, thanks ;)

Well yeah, they're his most noticeable feature.
Just. Like. Papareboy... Hmm...


CC IS NB, imo. They're just too similar to tell apart. He's just more bonkers when anonymous.

@LS, Makuluwo
Glad you liked it!

Sadly, no such thing :( He still claims to have no interest. I guess I'm just too little. Darn it

Can't say I agree with the women thing...


Thanks, glad you liked it...

I know I am.

I thought you were in Singapore 'rebuilding your life'? How do I meet you?

I had the same feeling :( Was waiting for someone else's opinion on it but posted before, and got the same reaction. Will prolly take it off later.

Anonymous said...

Seems like you've so many fans you don't need me to tell u it was nicely written ;) and you already know what I think, but honestly, I _know_ you've more class than this =P

Jerry said...

I know I know. That's why I asked :(

Going down tomorrow.

Keeping the comments though, they're just brillo! :D

John said...

oooooh! Who's this "Anonymous" ? :p

Gehan said...

yes jerry, i see u got my subtle hint :P

and oi, since when have u started listening to anonymous voices huh?? besides, we both _know_ you have no class... :P

Anonymous said...

@Gehan: so you _know_ him that well do you? :P

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot, @John: Don't ask him, ask me.. I've a better chance of holding out and actually _not_ telling you. Jerry is weeeeaaak. :P

John said...

Yes he is. The least you could do is intro yourself considering circumstances :P

Sabby said...

I know who anonymous issssssssssssssssssss...muahahahhaha!

I be brilliant. Me thinks =D

Anonymous said...

@John: and what circumstances might those be? *grin* Besides, what would happen to all the mystery and cloak-and-dagger stuff if I just came out and told you who I am?

@Sabby: Am I really who you think i am? But then, I be anonymous for a reason, noh? :P

Anonymous said...

Charm? no? hmm... :S

Anonymous said...

oh and btw, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE keep the post??? :(

Jack Point said...

This is rather funny.

Jerry said...

Anon - I'm confused as to who you are :s

Easy subject matter ;)

Anonymous said...

confused jerry ='mixed berry'

at least you know who this anon is;)

Indyana said...

Well, I'm glad someones having a laugh!!

John said...

No IP tracking. This sucks! :P

Jerry said...

No, not really sure, now that EVERYONE says berry :P

Make the best of a situation?

I don't need it.