Thursday, May 28, 2009

Untiled-(I don't know how many)

Looks like I'm going through a dry spell. I can't think of anything to jot down here. Even now my attention is split between alternately typing a sentence and eating breakfast. I have to be careful not to get the chocolate on my fingers.

I need drama people. I need something to write about. Be it a flame war or a war-war. Maybe someone should post on some irrelevant topic like uh... Global warming or some other thing nobody really cares about. And then somebody should pretend to care and we can all get in a big fight, complete with expletives from one corner, threats from one, oh-so-aloof posts about it from another and carebear stares from Gehan.

There. Managed to finish eating with just slight stickiness on thumb. Hopefully the next person to use the PC will clean the keyboard.

ALSO. I am not mean. Going 'Who the hell are you?' at being introduced to someone is acceptable when you've just arrived at some place at night, after being out the whole day, to be told that your ticket has not been purchased yet, and there ARE none to be purchased. Well it should be.

It is a sad day for me. I just got left at the altar and even divorced. The ex, a certain blogger obsessed with small mostly edible fruits, got Hugh Jackman. I got the strippers form the hen party. Anybody want two male strippers best described as... well... male, Just barely?* At least they're enthusiastic. Just sign in to twitter and DM @pseud0random, who seems to be the pimp around those parts.

So, get cracking. I can't wait around all week for you bunch to start hacking at each other with rubber ducks.

Did I mention how global warming sucks? I even saw a t-shirt which said "Al Gore didn't invent the internet, but he DID invent global warming". I mean, who believes that stuff anyway? Tree huggers and hippies? Probably because they think they'll have to take a bath one of these days if it gets any warmer. I'm selfish. My kids can ask away about why we didn't do anything to stop it. Hell, they could have carrot red skin. Who cares? It'll be fun to watch the little buggers being chased around by bulls.

Anyone wanna take up the bait?

P.S. - I need somebody else to keep referencing in my posts instead of Gehan, as it seems I call upon him for every other post. I need to diversify. Any candidates for that too?

*Names may or may not include 'Papare' and 'Hish'.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure your gonna get a good old retort from Dee about this... ;)

*readies popcorn for the blogwar* :D

PseudoRandom said...

I thought I got the strippers...? :S

T said...

global warming IS real! how dare you say otherwise! the polar icecaps are going to melt, all the polar bears are going to drown, sri lanka is going to flood and we'll all have to move upcountry and pluck tea.

Sabby said...

Chav Chav,
I share popcorn with you, okies??!
I bring the brownies =)

And Jerry, thank you yet again for the entertainment...! =)

Gehan said...

bastard! :P

The Almost-Bride of Berry said...

PR did get the strippers AND James Marsden.
You only got our cross-dressing flower girl aka St.Fallen :P

Jerry said...

I know. Wonder where she is :s

Apparently. Dammit, should've hired a better lawyer.

It's all lies woman! LIES!

Nothing to see here, move on :P


@TAB of B
Damn you woman, you took everything!
St. Fallen's run off with Papareboy :/

Anonymous said...

@Sabby - Let's!!! :D

@Jerry - well, atleast you got Dinidu... no? oh... sorry then... :S

Serendib_Isle said...

Jerry, You are tagged.

Blame the drummer boy, if you must!


Jerry said...

Will get to it soon!

DeeCee said...

hmmm i didn't see this. erk u comment/refernce ho, you make me SICK.

await post you worm of mother earth....worm in a bad way.

hijimx said...

me volunteer :P

Jerry said...

whatever, hippie.

Cool! I will start using your name instead :D