Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Unfortunate Events

Yesterday Evening -

You know those moments when everything seems just right? Those times when you've just got back from a tiring day, and decide to just chill? Just chill out with some good music and something to munch on.

Well, I'm having gone of those right now. Working my way through yet another box of assorted chocolates, gnawing through the caramel inside some of them. The score provided by an album called the Flying Carpet(No, not the Aladdin soundtrack). Bliss. Bliss that _you_ can't have. Which makes it even more blissful. I'm so blissfully blissful that I could just buy a motorbike, ride across the country with bliss and get a t-shirt that says "If you can see this, Bliss fell off" on the back.No troubles exist for me. Work tomorrow? No problem. Almost broke? I don't care. Chocolates. Stumbled upon a serial killer's kidnap victim trapped in a basement, who I'm supposed to alert the authorities about? Tch. I cannot concern myself with such petty squabbles.

*I pause. Send a message to a certain someone. MyPhoneExplorer>Last Message>Reply*

I vaguely remember The WhacksteRRR going on about something or the other. His imagination running off with a dead man or something like that. Though a word to the wise dude, those undead ca-


'Oh, speaking of the devil, here he calls. Wonder what's up.'


I'm momentarily distracted by my mom, then eventually listen to what he's saying. I start to hear the contents of my last message read back to me.


Panic, because the message, that blasted message, was something you do NOT send to another male friend. Under no circumstances do you let anyone get a peek of a message that throws light on your carebear-ey side. And here I was, listening to the contents of one such message being recited to me. Multiple times, for some reason :P

I contemplate telling him it was a prank, that I was kidding him. But the contents would be hard to explain. Thoughts of explaining that I'd recently turned to the rainbow-coloured side and that I was madly in love with him briefly crossed my mind. ANYTHING would be better than somebody else being in possession of that message.

We kid around and he agrees to be agreeable. For absolutely no compensation. Oh yeah, there was something about he being in my posts in a positive light but all that was just minor details. I also kiddingly added that he should return the message to me so that I could mail it to the correct recipient. But lo and behold, I get it back from him after the phonecall. So now I have a lovey-dovey message from him too. Heh. Still, it's not quite the same.

So, phonecall ended.

I vaguely remember The WhacksteRRR going on about something or the other. His imagination running off with a dead man or something like that. Though a word to the wise dude, those undead ca-

All hail TheWhacksteR.

Moral of this story : ALWAYS verify who you're sending your messages to, and Whacko is great.


Anonymous said...

hahaha you'd rather be called gay that be called caring? O.o funneh! :D

Gehan said...

LOL ok this is one o my fav posts o urs.. hahaha... i havent sent a lovey-dovey msg to the wrong person (yet) but i have sent very rude msgs to very wrong ppl.. [shudder]... :D

yes yes, all hail whacko!

Jerry said...

Not just called caring, it's the principle of the thing. Now he has blackmail material.

Oh just you wait, one of these days you're gonna confess your undying love for your great aunt :P

Delilah said...

ok now send me my message Jerry Berry:)

Jerry said...

...And it's comments like THAT that will get me in deep shit...

TheWhacksteR said...

consider changing your airtel connection man. Bad luck.

Jerry said...

No. Airtel = good.

Except for the crappy lines.

Scrumpulicious said...

Awwww! You love Whacky! And Whacky loves you!

Awwwww! :-P

DeeCee said...

damn...i'm almost jelouse of ur writing jerrz. So P.G. Wodehouse-ish. Oozes personality. :) fun post. I hate you.

Jerry said...

He has SUCH a way with men!

You should be. I'm awesome. You're not.

DeeCee said...


Jerry said...

Rabid Kow.

John said...

hur hur hur

hijinx said...

poor poor woman :P no, Jerry, not you.

Jerry said...

See that? Wodehouse, she said!