Sunday, May 10, 2009


Heh, how's THAT for a title, eh kids? :P

If you're wondering what it means, it means you're not samrt like me. But I'll explain anyway. See, a lot of people on kottu are acting all depressed and waxing lyrical about how people do strange things and pain being everywhere. Much like goths. So my reasoning is kottu + goth = goththu. Do you see now? How cool is that eh? No? I'm a foolish little boy making stupid word plays? Screw you.

Anyway, you lot HAVE been acting a little strange lately. I think it happens in waves. One prominent blogger starts it off and the rest of you follow up like lemmings jumping off a cliff. Sure, the moon at vesak was as fugly as ever, it's either raining catdogs or solar surface hot and kottu's full of bad poetry. The latter being the most valid reason to fall into such an emo-like state. But then again, turning emo means your output of bad poetry goes up by about 500%, creating a vicious cycle. Sort of like drinking to forget about your drinking problem. Or like... like... Something you do to stop doing that same something. I don't know. My brain's not working. But the point is, you're turning this place into a goth convention, complete with attendant trolls, skinny witches and nerdy punk rock fans. Everywhere I look it's wah wah the war! wah wah my family's starving! wah wah my leg got bit off by Gehan at the mall! Bah, sell your PC and buy some cereal. Or just stay away from the mall. Meh. You deserve what you get if you went to Kandy anyway.

Just shows even more clearly that you lot should be more like me. For example, last night I woke up with a start and realized something cold was rubbing against my leg. I look down and see a long black thing lying there, tip rubbing on my thigh. I certainly didn't shriek and jump off the bed. No, definitely not. I er... bit it. Yeah, I bit it, only to discover it was merely a black leather belt. Man up, lankanosphere(enough people have given credit to RD now to stop doing that now)!

Oh and I went to church today and skipped out during communion. Nothing funny there. But CB insisted so I put it in here. Go TP her house for dirtying my blog with such trash.


Charm Bracelet said...

hahaha!!!! You little sinner you!!! :D

Sabby said...

You silly child.

DeeCee said...

lol lol.....belt bit was funneee


N B said...

Goththu is a good name actually. You know why? This Kid Indi actually sent me an e-mail where he claimed Kottu was better than Blogger & Wordpress when it came to privacy. Just bloated ego. So I was wondering what if I came up with a name like Google for Kottu. Now I'll send him an e-mail and suggest this name really. Afterall he is a Google wannabe and Goththu does sound a good deal :-)

On a side note, you nasty Jerry, I saw some comments elsewhere. WTF is wrong with you???? What do you do actually??? Student? Where? Just send me an email to Want to tell you something and I can't say it here :-)

Serendib_Isle said...

Someone very “normal” noticed.

Jerry said...

Post a comment and I'll read it, then delete it. I'll send you a reply if it requires one.

I consider myself the definition of a proper person.

Sachintha said...

"For example, last night I woke up with a start and realized something cold was rubbing against my leg."

Hmm... I thought something else...

Jerry said...

Please, tell us more, oh perverted one

Jerry said...

No, not really.

Gehan said...

hmmph... [spits out leg]... he deserved it... :P

Jerry said...

Damn tourists, eh?