Saturday, May 23, 2009

Of Stereotypes

This line,

Dark skin. Prime suspect, if previous bombers are to be considered.
This got a bunch of people yelling "RACIST! RACIST!" at me. That was one of those lines that you write while thinking "This is one of those lines that'll be taken in the wrong way by some people." But you still post it. Because you stand by it. Me saying that is not racism. Me saying that is merely an educated guess on what skin colour a potential suicide bomber would have. It's just a feature.

Now even I don't think every dark skinned or tamil person is a bomber. But look at it in the context of the post, and you will see that its just... well... me noticing things. Just like the pregnant woman thing. Not all pregnant women are bombers are they? I play up the paranoia in the post, and what better skin colour than dark to use? If we were in america, I would've used an islamic man.

The people who get offended at that line are probably the same ones who have "Embrace Diversity" plastered all over their workplaces.

I'm off to write the next post. All ya haters can bite my ass


Sabby said...

Here here!

Jerry said...

Hear hear for what?

Rehani said...

Okay... dis is inthurusting babeh..I stand by what i said. Dark skin is still God's creation. Your attitude towards dark skinned people sucks. FYI little Jerry, Al-Qaeda is a suicide terror outfit. They are fair skinned cute Muslims. So is IRA. So is every suicide bomber in Iraq. Hence your claim and generalisation invalid. Further, Nalini, the suicide bomber used by LTTE to kill Rajiv Gandhi was a fair skinned beauty queen. Whichever way u look @ it, you don't have a valid a case here other than yr weird thoughts.
White is weird. Black is beautiful. I'm a newbie on blogsphere. But i hope u will post my comments please. Good day. Grow up. Buddha attained nirvana on a saturday. Today is saturday :-)

Jerry said...

Rehani, if you're too much of a jackass to understand how the post is written, I don't care. Don't read it.

Your manner of speaking makes me regard you on the same level as that retard who was here back then, NB.

I don't have anything else to say other than what's in the post, if you don't get it, tell me why, instead of just bludgeoning me with "grow up"'s.

Sabby said... illitera- person who can't read, lurking around, leaving comments when they are not wanted?!



Jerry said...

Now now, don't go all ganging up on her :P

Rehani said...

Y get upset ya? See its like dis. U need 2 change yr attitude. Wanna know Y ?
1- 4 calling dark skinned people suicide bombers.
2- 4 not having d maturity 2 see d bigger picture when required.
3- 4 being a snob online calling people retards when dey don't agree with yr views.
4- 4 acting smart when U are really stupid.
5- 4 not having d courtesy 2 welcome, respect and forgive d candid comments of a new comer. Lankans are hospitable by nature?
6- 4 not being able to correct yrself when yr faults are pointed out.

I can go on. But respect, I still love yr blog. Hope U will accomodate my coments :-)

U own Jerry's blog? Who R U 2 decide if i'm wanted or not? Internet is 4 all ya :-)Howcome U don't maintain a blog, but still comment around and dats acceptable but mine is not? Give me a break Sis :-)

Gehan said...

@rehani - hi there... now, listen very carefully to what i have to say... jerry is a 19yr old smartass whom i happen to like.. yes, u ARE new around here, cos its mind boggling that u cant understant the 'jest' behind jerry's post.. its called sarcasm.. look it up...

try re-reading his post but this time try to get that he's JOKING.. besides, notice how u seem to be da only person who has been 'offended' by this scandalous material.. makes u wonder, doesnt it?

bottom line? jerry is probably as racist as mother teresa's bedside bible.. yet u have wasted ur time and jerry's by typin a whole load of tripe abt rajiv gandhi and the IRA.. and now u've wasted mine by forcing me to type this out..

perhaps cos its saturday.. i jus feel so.. i dunno.. enlightened'..

Anonymous said...

uh oh... someone around here is using the ":-)" emoicon again!!! do i sense someone with the split personality disorder??? O.o

Sachintha said...

Were the gates of a "Troll-Land" opened recently?

PseudoRandom said... happens. People on the London Underground flinch when they see a brown-skinned man with a beard and a backpack.

Stereotyping is wrong, but it's human nature.

@Rehani - exactly how do you know that Lord Buddha attained Nirvana on a Saturday? 'Saturday' didn't exist ~2550 years ago :S

Scrumpulicious said...

I hope you realise I wasn't implying you were racist. I just wasn't very happy with the sterotype. And the fact that you would have used an Islamic man had we been talking about America doesn't make the fact that it had to be said any better.

Sorry - just my take on it.

Rehani said...

Okay fooooooooools :-) Yeah i'm using dis emoicon. So wot bebeh? Does anyone own it? Am i 2 pay any fee 4 using it?

Anyway listen.

1- Sarcasm is not necessarily a good thing. NB is full of it. BTW, he happens to be from my community (bohra) and i remember d guy. What an insult for rest of bohras? Jerry's sarcasm is equally bad. (in my opinion that is)Why choose that when there are better alternatives 2 drive yr point?

2- Gehan, why R U jumping d gun? If jerry is a 19 year smartass, den i'm a 20 year Bitch? :)Boy..Wot logic is dis?

3- I did say wot i felt. if u didn't like it then there was a nice and decent way of highlighting dat no? Y insult? Y hurt others? Y call them haters? and why do it d 1st time itself?

4- If I've hurt U, I am not sorry. U deserved it.

5- Pseudo, i read in a book. Sorry if i am wrong.

Jerry, No trolls. Just opinions and counter opinions. Hope U accomodate dem.

DeeCee said...

I'm with u Berry. Meh. I guess not a lot of ppl get ur style of writing yea? never mind em. :*!

TheWhacksteR said...


Jerry lost his cool!

Jerry said...

And there goes gehan, stealing my thunder.

1 - "Now even I don't think every dark skinned or tamil person is a bomber." READ IT.

2 - Read he rest of my posts. I'm pretty sure you'll come to the conclusion that I am also a sexist.

3 - I called him a retard because he was a retard. Stop being a retard and not thinking he was a retard.

4 - I do that all the time anyway.

5 - Lankans don't have to be hospitable when the newcomer fails to understand what the hell the person is trying to say.

6 - Alright. I'm sorry I called you a jackass. I now realize that you just don't get my writing. You're just too dense. I give up.

Re sarcasm, there IS no 'good' or 'bad' in sarcasm. It's just a literary... tool. Your understanding of it seems to be about the same as, well, NB.

Okay, was just using the 'generic' stereotype thing. My take on stereotypes is that we're all smart enough to see it for what it is, a cheap joke, and not think that they hold true.

What's :*! ?

Yes, I am in a fighting mood these days. Fallen said he doesn't love me :P

Sabby said...

Okay this is just hilarious...
When did people actually start taking your posts and jests seriously?!

Really, WHEN?! =S

Anonymous said...

Some people are ridiculously easy to identify. Even if they attempt to hide their writing style, take 11 years off their age and go through a sex change.


Scrumpulicious said...

I think that just because the war is over doesn't mean that it's OK to say things in jest that is a stereotype.
Most of your posts are taken in jest but the wounds of the war are still fresh.

Anonymous said...

Analysis on "Rehani"

babeh - Classic NB word he uses
Little Jerry - condesending tone
Good day. Grow up. - short wierd sentences
Buddha attained nirvana on a saturday - absolute un-related BS
I still love yr blog. Hope U will accomodate my coments - the usual i love your blog BS
:-) - the loser face

Yep. HI NB! (alter ego/ whatever)

TheWhacksteR said...

nah a jest is a jest man,you don't have to temper your posts just to satisfy a few uptight pricks..just do your thing man, not your problem if you're misinterpreted. Its either that or become one of the common crowd, afraid to say shit in case you offend some obscure group of unfunny bone implanted people somewhere..

Jerry said...

Stop being a retard and go do something useful with your life.

Like whack said, a jest is a jest. It only aims to lighten up. Offense is only caused if you're overly sensitive about hose things.


N B said...

Jerry nut,
This is unfair. I had troubles with RD for the simple reason he didn't moderate anonymous comments that attacked me. Well, i don't intend doing the same with you. Not at all. I guess i have better things in life than silly blog figfhts with anonymous creatures. Fact remains, I do maintain multiple blogs. Four of them to be precise. They are listed on my blog as well. Whatever other shit was/is not mine. I'm kind of lost with all the trolls. Honestly. But i would like to request,you moderate the comments, use your blog forum constructively to engage people with brain and some common sense into a constructive dialog than use it for mudslinging purposes based on myths than facts. If you want access to my other blogs, just email me. I'd be more than glad to welcome you into my little world of friends and relatives. I sincerely hope you do see the bigger picture and act like an adult. I guess 18 is the legal age in Srilanka and you are 19. Technically you are an adult. As such i would expect some adult and mature behaviour. Surely you can use your blog for many good things than attack me. What really is your problem with me? I'm in Colombo till 5th June. My number is 0115746823. Just call me dude. Lets talk. Hopefully i will make some sense to you. Now, post this unmoderated. But please do moderate when you receive trolls and hate comments. Thats called decency and maturity. I would like to think you have both.

Jerry said...

Funny thing man,
Each of rehani's comments appear twice, and so do yours.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt though.

And I'll post your comment cos it strokes my ego.

N B said...

Shit :)
Now thats a good reason for you to claim Rehani is NB like someone's analysis here? This is what Chilli chocolate also did with a mistaken name. That guy didn't know blogs are identified by their serial numbers than names. Yes, i post twice or thrice only because i don't want them lost in the process. Surely there are many others who do this. Err... You are such an immature kid you Jerry. Okay... think anything you want. this is my last comment. BTW, you are also taken from Google reader. Now go to hell. I'm not reading yours anymore. Say anything you want but i don't care. But post this one unmoderated !!

Jerry said...



I don't WANT to be in your subscribed list! I don't WANT your comments!