Monday, May 25, 2009

Dinner and of Stalling In The Act Of Deciding Where To Go After-Syndrome

Went for this kottu party thing a friend told me about yesterday. Met a hellava lot of people, half of who I can't really remember.

A bunch of old friends and some new people.

Findings :

  • Dinidu De Alwis is schizophrenic. Do not believe his blog. Hell, I never read past more than four lines on his posts, afraid of getting lost in all the government this-government that. It was like that last level in a game that you're just not sure you can play yet. The dude is insane. In a fun, good way.
  • I can keep talking about nothing in particular for a long time. Without any external stimulants. Unless kottu counts.
The minute I show up I see papareboy and who appeared to be his brother. I am later told that this other person was Mr. Alwis. I prepare myself for a night of listening to a constant newsreel like commentary on who was screwing(figuratively) whom in power/government/religion.

Well it was different. Again. First DC and now this guy. Even pavithri wasn't doling out hugs, contrary to her tweetings and much to everyone's chagrin. She called me mean. As if I could ever be anything less than gentlemanly. The only minor offenses I committed were asking The Puppeteer whether she wasn't supposed to be in a kitchen somewhere and splashing water on a certain curly haired, sexually confused journalist.

It was a fun night.

Now, about SITAODWTG syndrome. We experienced this firsthand yesterday. Actually, we created it firsthand. The first hand coming from one of us who finally got around to saying 'This is getting boring now, let's move on to somewhere else". Then a slew of other hands came in and stirred it up, mixing and kneading the question of "Wher to go?" into "So yeah, I'm fine with anything. You tell us.". And so everyone was fine with anyplace, except the place we were already in. That's not to say anybody could've just suggested a location and everyone would have agreed. Not so simple. It has to be a place that's interesting enough. We SAY we're willing, but we just want someone to magically read our minds and gauge our mood for a suitable location.

We were undecided for a few hours.

EDIT : Retitled due to gehan thinking it was a meetup of everyone on, and not the actual... food. Yes, laugh at him, people.


TheWhacksteR said...

Man, your titles.. scintillating stuff!

Hish said...

here u guys were the ones who werent making a decision I had to finally step in and say lets go to Cinnamon and even THEN u ll were fudging! shud left all u guys stranded and run off with my little suzi.. :P

mixedblessings89 said...

"As if I could ever be anything less than gentlemanly."

Chavie said...

hehe duuuude! papare boy and his brother!!! hahaha :D

and who is the "curly haired journo" you speak of? :D

can there be a part 2 of this? please???? :D

Paparé Boy said...


Dude, I think you had a little too much to drink last night (water that is). You even THREW some at me, remember? :p

The Puppeteer said...

That sexually confused dude isn't a journalist anymore...

And all I get is the kitchen mention on this post???

Where's the Meg is the most incredible person in the world! I worship an effigy of her in my room every morning???

So much for baby sitting you! Hmpf! Ingrate!

realskullzero said...

Hahah...u missed the match then???

Jerry said...

I know, aren't they?

You could've just said let's go! :P

What? :P

PB! There's nothing much to write about it dude...

Yes, i mentioned that in the post :P

Babysitting? Riiighhttt.
And you wonder why you didn't get a bigger mention ;)

Saw it till the last over dude. More or less finished :(

Chavie said...

ah now I get it... I thought MoM (sorry!) was supposed to be in a kitchen splashing water on PB! hahaha :S

Gehan said...

bastard.. :P

St. Fallen said...

*points to Kandy and continues laughing*
*falls off chair laughing*