Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Delilah and that runt Fallen have been discussing my 'sweetness' for some time now. I think it now deserves it's own topic, like #jerryssweetness or something. Now I have definite proof that under this hard, oh-so-manly and stare at me wrong and you die exterior, I am 'sweet'. In a good way.

Rats eat through my clothes in the night. I carelessly leave a few items lying around the room and some vile creature turns it into a gourmet dinner. I'm left with clothing best described as "well ventilated". I will need help in capturing this thing. The THING probably knows it. Don't you? Heck, you're probably on first name basis with em. I will need a mousetrap. A RAT trap. Nay! A bear trap, to capture the creature which had the gall to eat MY clothing! It must be massive. No other being would dare irk me.

Yes, that must be it. A giant bear-rat that's been ravaging the townspeople.


Delilah said...

awww sugar-berry...:P

*removes piece of thread stuck between teeth*

Jerry said...

So it was YOU! I knew I smelt something in my room

St. Fallen said...

so Delilah is a giant bear-rat eh?
sounds smexy :P

kalusudda said...

Don't worry, Jerry. If it ate your clothes, it might have been its last meal! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's dead for sure.. nothing could eat them and survive, not even the two headed cows in the radioactive wasteland we saw that day ;) But maybe it had babies before it died and they're making new holes?