Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rant + Twilight


I keep seeing guys in pink T-shirts. What's wrong with you? Pink is just not a colour a regular guy can wear. Unless he's on a catwalk. You do not, in fact, exude confidence or show any lack of insecurity in your sexuality. If you are secure in your sexuality then you wouldn't have to wear a statement enforcing that point. Face it, even though everyone says 'it's just a colour', it's still a less than desirable colour for say... A sport scar. Unless you're a woman. There. Would you drive a pink BMW, males? No? Oh But I thought you were all for the 'confident and yet sensitive' look. Bull. All that new age hogwash can go the way of political correctness and the abominable snowperson.

I watched Twilight. Well, about 40 minutes of it because I was getting late for work and my fingers were sticky from licking the chocolate off them. Anyway, the first thing that struck me was how pasty they all look. Even the mandatory black guy was white, even the girl from Arizona. Vampires, fine, but the others? I had to turn off auto-levels on Media Player Classic to make the thing watchable and not look like some weird arty pic. Then we come to the 'main couple'. These two, when together look like the freakin Gilmore Girls. Actually, they're a bit more tan methinks. Mr. bushy-eyebrows is the most emo one can get without wearing black. And considering he's a vampire, I'll bet he does that too. Maybe he bites his wrists every so often to blank out the pain. And god, could Bella 'My face is botox'ed stiff' Gilmore be more typically female*? She falls for the dude, for god knows what reason. Maybe she wants to roam around in the underbrush of his eyebrows. She then gets told that everything about him is made to attract, down to smell even, but no, she 'trusts' him. All this over the fact that he's a vampire! Does she not know what they do? Did that book she brought not tell her that they suck blood and not raise kittens to take lolcat photos of?


Yeah yeah, any movie has it's oddities. The pale-faces were just too weird for me.



DeeCee said...

Roam around in the underbrush of his eyebrows?


u RUINED it. :(

DeeCee said...


Charm Bracelet said...

Pink takes confidence, persona and guts to wear ok! :P not all guys can carry it off.

Nevertheless, pink shirts are better than Pink Tee's for sure. :D

Jerry said...


Why wear it just because it takes guts? Wear something if it looks good, not looks gutsy :P

Thackshila said...

LOL... guys and pink, well i think looks ok on "some" guys... maybe a a shirt. but of coz no pink accessories of any kind!! well apart from a tie maybe.. a sports car?? NADA!!! LOL that'll look supremely gay alright, can't even say gay.. it'll just look weird i guess.!!!

as for Twilight.. sigh.. what a pile of crap, u have to be Extremely petty and 11 years old to enjoy it..
If u think the movie is bad... u should try the book.. LOL.. I really feel sorry for the guys whom have to date the girls who grow up reading that crap!!!

Sabby said...

"Maybe she wants to roam around in the underbrush of his eyebrows"


I cracked up in the middle of a very serious office discussion while reading that

Jerry said...

Even shirts are a stretch. And yeah, twilight was crappy...

You were reading my blog in the middle of a discussion? I'm touched!

Paparé Boy said...


Pink and guys just don't go together.

As for Twilight, haven't seen it. Don't want to, either. Sounds really Dawson's Creek-ish.

John said...

Oh no you di'int! And in case anyone is confused about my position, the movie sucks, but the guy as the vampire is perfect. You're just jealous :P

But seriously, you're jealous!
That's how a vampire should look imo. Liked the atmosphere sometimes (like at the beach. I've NEVER seen a beach that said 'GLOOM' like that). Also, the music is good I think. Liked it. Didn't like the hissy cat fights among vampires.

PseudoRandom said...

Who said women like pink sports cars? Ewwwwwww.

Scrumpulicious said...

The Twilgiht series is awesome but the film is disappointing. Oh well - never the mind!

And guys in pink shirts - HOT. Either you can pull it off or you can't. You can be very in tune with your sexuality and still not pull off the pink look!

Middle Child said...

Thank God Scrumps got here before me! Im with her 100% on both subjects.

Jerry said...

Don't. Your eyes will thank you for it. It's like staring at the sun. Glare. Just. Too. Much. Will. Dieeeeeee...

Why would I be jealous of Lorelai? :P

Well some of em do... Don't they?

No, pink is just wrong. Only a handful of women find it hot, and all men think it's girly.

Then refer above :P

Sean said...

Strangely enough… until the middle of the 20th century, pink was primarily associated with boys. A couple of rather amusing quotes:

“That pink being a more decided and stronger colour, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl."

“The preferred colour to dress young boys in is pink. Blue is reserved for girls as it is considered paler, and the more dainty of the two colours, and pink is thought to be stronger (akin to red)."

More information at http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/2831/was-pink-originally-the-color-for-boys-and-blue-for-girls

Jerry said...

I guess, if red was considered the stronger of the two, pink would be the natural colour for boys.

Wonder why blue became the male colour all of a sudden?

Serendib_Isle said...

Twilight: agree. Had to watch it cos I was sitting in a plane and there was no other new movie.

Pink. Disagree. Guys can wear pinks, yellows, blues and all the pastel colours, and that is just FINE. (Well, I had a collection of those shirts, heh he.)

Jerry said...


SI, you are hereby christened the Wearer Of Pink!

You shall be ridiculed far and wide!

Or just far.



N B said...

Hey Jerry :-)

Just to let you know I'm closing shop for good. This was one of the blogs I really enjoyed reading. I know I'm going to miss reading but just wanted to say Thank you and good luck. Keep going.I am going to stick to my last blog post. I always knew you lurked on my blog and I did the same. Thanks and God bless :-)


Jerry said...

If you really _are_ closing up, good riddance :P

You're welcome, thanks and yes, who could stay away from such drama?

Good luck to you too