Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting Attention

I've been feeling pretty neglected on the blogosphere lately, what with most trolls ignoring me and even that other douche seeming to pick Gehan over me. Highly distressing when you thrive on hits.

So to rack up some pageviews and generate some troll-fodder, I present to you my latest post on what people are saying.

Let's see.

Drag up Gehan's blog for a blogroll. His own blog has some sob story about him crying or something. Speaking of, I still haven't heard him sing :/

Moving on to the blogs, DC has something about a Japanese fetish. And something to do with rats. A rat, rather.

Charm Bracelet is closing up. Oh well, more hits for me. But I still think it's pretty pointless leaving.

Pseudorandom is having a Bad Day. She's listening to 'Let Her Cry' by Hootie and the Blowfish. Maybe that's why. And the title is clearly a Daniel Powter song, and not, say for example, Fuel. It's so "E-FM... All the time".

D has posted again, but only to tell us she shouldn't be posting. She makes a few solid points such as me having to be more careful with messages and girls being fun to look at. But then she goes a bit off and says she misses Sabby. I mean, who misses HER? Certainly not any of us.

Scrump has a post on the significance of 'x'. Must be some secret code by women to taunt us. See, signals like that don't work unless the dude you're sending them to knows what it means. Apparently all women know this. Except for scrump. Signs of a hairy 40-year old hiding behind a keyboard pretending to be a 20-something 30-something female?

Next up is RD. Something about writing. Long post, and I'm not in the mood to read it all. Pic of a written page. So I skim through it. I see something about Pubs, then a claim of "I'm gay and I hate all you English bastards.". I can't really say I knew that, but the moisturizer did throw some doubts that way.

Then there's T. Click and it's all black and gray. This taking quotes out of context thing is fun. Like "Clearly I have a problem selling myself.".

And then I got bored. That's it for now till I get round to writing a proper post.


~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

oh well same here.. wondering if i'm not good enough for stalking or ditching.. :( sad sad very sad.. :(

Gadgetgirl said...

Haha Jerry! I made it clear enough saying it at Pseudo as she hits "Bad day by Daniel Powter's" days! =D.

Gehan said...

argh.. i am SO deleting that post :P

Jerry said...

I know man, we're just not popular enough for them


No, no, keep it. We can laugh at it when we're old.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

It's just moisturiser Jerry!

Scrumpulicious said...

I'm only 38! Take back the ageist comment! :-P

Jerry said...

There's no such thing as 'just' moisturizer.

Post revised :P

Sabby said...

You don't miss ME??? =O

How is that even possible? =P

Jerry said...

Easy enough. Ask any of your other faithful readers :p

T said...

but i dooo :(

and my blog is the same colour as yours men!

PseudoRandom said...

You listen to Daniel Powter? *points and laughs* Hahahaha :D

And aww you gave me attention...shooo shweet :D

Jerry said...

Sounds a bit dubious when you think of people 'selling themselves' for money.

I don't. Just remember that one song.
Also, you were on gehan's roll, that's why. :P

Gadgetgirl said...

Lol. You dont understand my way of talking and I dont understand yours.

Jerry said...




Scrumpulicious said...

Aiyoo! No da! I'm not a 40 year old pretending to be 20 something! I'm 38 year old pretending to be 20 something! You just can't get the staff these days! :-P

Jerry said...

40, 38 not much difference.

Lady divine said...

according to the threats, I'm next in line to be exposed. Pls take me place..:)

Jerry said...

I would if the great NB considers me worthy :(

hijinx said...

hmph! :P

Jerry said...


Gadgetgirl said...

Oh Jesus christ help me!!

-Folds arms-



Indyana said...

And he doesn't even say "Indyana's gone" and I'm in mourning! tch tch!!Vut is this Jerry?

Jerry said...


I wrote it before you left....?