Saturday, May 23, 2009

Open Mic

Went for last Thursday's Open Mic. After a lot of hullabaloo about the war, celebrations for ending of said war and some other stuff about st. fallen's suicidal tendencies being brought out through a 'poem' about glasses full and half full of poison, I recieved a text.

A strange text. From a strange number.

A text with a single word in it.

A word that made me jump. A word that took me by the scruf of the neck, pushed me against the wall and said, 'I'm female'.


I look around the room. A sea of faces in an ocean of... attentiveness? I'm not too sure. What with getting linked on the great RD's blog, I feel like I'm expected to come up with 'sophisticated' one liners and put downs every other line. It's quite taxing. Almost drains you of anything funny you had to start with.

Since Delilah seems to be the most frequent offender for usage of that word, I wonder if she's around. Log onto twitter. See if anybody is on who's been mobile tweeting. Nothing of interest. Strange. Nothing much of interest after that till-

After it was over, Mr Whackster beckons to someone in a manner saying 'Come aney, he's not going to bite you'. Somebody comes. Somebody is introduced as Delilah. I go D: . Then somebody else grins, not Delilah. DeeCee! And er... I'm sorry, I can't live up to your 'Be all sarcastic and make me look all...'. I just can't. There's nothing to write. A few seconds of exposure just doesn't give me enough to go on, especially when you're about as interactive as a wall, and not a revolving, hidden door-sy wall. Suffice to say, she was... different.

After that and after a brief ride in the whackmobile, I was off home. All in all it was pretty good. Fallen says it was the best we ever had. I'll take his word for it.

Speaking of 'Best I ever Had', I finally heard Gehan singing. Yes, just yesterday. And... he was pretty good.

There. A coompliment. A real compliment.

See? Miracles _do_ happen :P


Charm Bracelet said...

haiyo. Whack and Dee were there? What a pity. Would've been nice to meet them. Tsk tsk Jerry. You should've known better.

Jerry said...

What? We asked you to come didn't we? :P

Chaarm Bracelet said...

eh? What nonsense? You didn't ask me nothin. Brat! :P

Delilah said...


Gehan said...

who is chaarm bracelet...?? :O

ah u met DC? haha.. yes i really must come for one of these "open mic" thingy's... hmm...especially if there's suicidal poetry...! :D

and im glad u liked da song... :D

Jack Point said...

What is open MIc?

Rehani said...

Wot u mean by "Open Mic" ?
How do I join?

DeeCee said...

eh? what's this? :S



DeeCee said...


oh well...can't be overly interactive with a bunch of guys i just met yea :)

Thing said...

we wass therre! we ssaws ur ugly faice!!

Jerry said...

You're just growing senile :P

Eurgh :P

Treasure the compliment. They're rare :P

It's a sort of meetup where anyone can ome and say what they have to say. Mostly people just read out stuff they've written, but it seems to be shifting to actual discussion now. Come along for the next one!

You're free to come for the next one, just keep an eye on indi's blog for the announcement.

JUST MET? Hmph! And to think I threw sexist comments at you! :P

I though I saw something lurking in the shadows...

Lady divine said...

aiyo. St.fallen asked me to come..but I was preoccupied with other things..:s

so maybe next time..:)

Charm Bracelet said...

@ Gehan

Lol! 'Chaarm Bracelet' is/was me! Typo! :D

Jerry said...

YES! You should come. It's fun!

TSC said...

aiyooooooooo I missed it!!!! how come I didnt see the announcement :S

Nefarious said...

why not have the next open mic on a weekend? so we can all come!

Jerry said...

It was on indi's blog :s

I dunno... Indi usually sets the date

Serendib_Isle said...

DeeCee 1 - Jerry 0

Sad. Really!