Friday, May 29, 2009

So We Watched Wolverine Again...

First, the tag from SI - Five that came in a tag -
  1. Indifference
  2. Indifference
  3. Indifference
  4. Indifference
  5. Relief
And the post,

Papareboy, being his usual late self, said he hadn't watched Wolverine yet. So off we went along with the guy who keeps falling in a plethora of ways(Always wanted to use plethora. Was just reminded of it at the last open mic. yay). Wolverine is so much more fun when you replace the characters on screen. Hugh Jackman also looses much of his appeal whe he just leaves Deli- Kaitlin to bleed to death. We also got to see Cyclops doing his thing and fumbling about blindly, just like in the other movies.

Oh, and we also discovered something else. Since we had a few minutes to waste before the movie started, we decided to call on a certain someone who's been asking us to drop by in that area. But, try as we might, we couldn't find anything remotely resembling what was described, no matter how far we walked. What truly put us in a conundrum was the fact that none of the area residents had ever even heard of the place. Surely we couldn't have been fed lies?


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha duuude I think you're making the whole thing a bit too vague... ;D

Plus: I'm sure your female readership wants the intimate details as to what Papare and Fallen were doing after the lights were dimmed... ;)

Anonymous said...

If dis is NB U R referring 2, Isabel Courts is 265. Carnival is 263. From Carnival U walk 2 d next building 2wards Bamba dats a high rise. Walk along dat. U find it. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesy!

niroshinie said...

I watched the unedited version on dvd a while back. It was ..interesting - At one point I saw these spiky things coming from Wolverine's back and I was like 'Ohh look he's got claws in his back' and my brother was like 'No you idiot those are stunt cables that hasnt been edited'.
Disappointed that Gambit didnt get much screen time tho :(

Just Chillin' said...

That's 4 "indifferences" and 1 "relief" :) How did you feel the relief when you were mostly indifferent?? Just kidding :) Cheers!

hijinx said...

Chavie: why would his female readership want to know about that? :S

Anonymous said...

hijinx: That's a valid question, a question to which I don't have an answer... :S

Jerry said...

Yes, why WOULD they want to know? Or is it YOU?


Watched the first Hulk like that. His pants kept turning purple :/


I think he's looking for details...