Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do not be alarmed, you have been lied to.


The twitter HTML widget sucks.

In other news, people making false threats over the internet abound. Actually, not abound, just... what's the singular form for that? Ab? Well whatever it is, you know what I'm talking about. Calm down people. What info was put up on the Deece was already public and tales of "tracking her IP" are just fake. Anyway, it's all false. Google, Alexa and Microsoft do NOT in fact run a private eye service for 13 year olds. Just wanted to set the record straight, because it's really annoying when one of these stories gets around and I get told to put unpronounceable characters in my password because otherwise insecure little men will break into my PC and fill it up with bestiality porn. Blogger doesn't allow even the author of the blog to see much info on commenters. And google doesn't hand out logs to anyone willy nilly. So yeah, don't get all panicked, your info isn't accessible unless you put it up.


I'm off to a wedding! In India! What? I already told you? Bahhh, you suck. Mom's already there so I've been steadily losing weight the last two weeks. Should do this every time I head there, just so I can make room in my waistband for all the sweets and stuff waiting patiently in their containers, to be devoured by me. If anyone wants anything from there, tell me. And I'll pretend I forgot about it when I get back. Oh yeah, Lays chips are impossible to bring unless you stick em in a can or something, so I'll just take pictures of me eating a few packs and post them here.


is feeling the pain in his neck.


I can't help it. I'm tweeting everything now.



Chavie said...

neck pains eh? did you watch that movie where the ghost of the girl hangs on the shoulders of the boy or something? well, neither did I... :/

Jerry said...

Oh yeah I didn't watch that one either!

Serendib_Isle said...

I thought ‘leaving on a jet plane’ meant something. Oh, you are still here...

Jerry said...

I'm leaving tomorrow :P

passionatelypatientsblog said...

I think it was on my previous blog that someone commented to another that IP addresses were being kept a record of by wordpress! I knew when I saw that comment that it was made up but I didn't want to get involved and comment on it because there was a bit of a storm brewing in the tea cup of my blog just about that time.. :)

But it's nice to see that you set the record straight.

Thanks Jerry..

Jerry said...

You're welcome, though it doesn't seem to have made the slightest difference...