Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Simple Sins

Shout out to mah man Seredib Ahl! Yo yo.


Oh, okay.

On to the list.

  1. Me
  2. The voice in my head
  3. Voice. Not voices. I'm no schitzo freak, you mentally unstable parasites upon society.
  4. Oh yeah, three was supposed to be Rainbows. Or something like that. Lollipops, Sunshine etc.
  5. Dammit. Four is.... The internet. And five is Music.
  6. Walking about aimlessly.
  7. But only for a while.
  8. Lieing in bed on a cold day.
  9. Pointing out other people's typos.
  10. Laughing at non-techy people making mistakes.
  11. Necrophilia.
  12. Using words I don't know the meaning of.
  13. Talking.
  14. Silence.
  15. Disturbed.
  16. Alter Bridge.
  17. Britne- Wait. This isn't the 'Fav artistes' tag is it? Oh... Er.... The countryside. Yeah.
  18. But then... Is 'The Internet' a simple pleasure? I'll assume so.
  19. Brokeback Mou- It's not the movies tag either is it? O-Kay...
  21. Making corny jokes/looking stupid.
  22. Eating ice cubes.
  23. The wind.
  24. Peppermint, wind and THEN eating ice cubes! Frostbitten tongue, my friend.
  25. You.
  26. Blogging!

Okay so maybe not all are so simple. Stop being a complexity nazi.

Again, I have nobody to tag since I always get these things last, being at the bottom rung and all. Yeah, you only see the dusty, decaying link to 'A Sort of Beautifu...' on the most shadiest of blogs. The kind of blogs that you wouldn't want to run into in a dark alley.

Till next time, Cheerio!


Gypsy said...

Honey you may want to rethink 'Necrophilia' - unless you want your readers thinking you like having sex with dead people......

Jerry said...

Yes, I know...


That would be the point of the thing... Refer 21.

DeeCee said...


TheWhacksteR said...

ah is that it? i thought it was 12

mixedblessings89 said...

Err... 11...Oh, ah.. 12... got it... 16!!! Yay!! Grins at 24 and 25... Lol... 11, and then 25 :D

Gehan said...

14! 25 - 13 - 12


Serendib_Isle said...

20...! 20...! 20!!!!!
Hah ha.

Jerry said...


No no, 11 and 12 are BECAUSE of 21.:P


"Silence! You talking using words I don't know the meaning of." ?

Whaaat? :P