Thursday, March 5, 2009

Moving Pictures

Bussing it to work today, I was looking out the window. Mostly because there was a large-ish woman staring at me if I looked the other way. So as I was staring unseeing at the buildings, people and 'HUNK' movie posters flashing past, I noticed something else. Something scary. Something that made my aesthetic sensibilities curl up and wither away. Election posters. All sorts of bright, even garish colours going by in a blur, plastered on every conceivable vertical surface that is visible to pedestrians, create an almost hypnotic effect. Don't leave your car parked on the street overnight during election time.

If only they'd make slight changes to each poster before sticking them up in sequence. Would be much more entertaining to watch a flip-book style animation of our potential candidates doing something entertaining than to see the same repeating tile of fake smiles and photoshopped faces. Maybe a poster-show of Mervyn wrecking a cam or two? Or a Fight Club enactment in Parliament, starring the JHU members. Perfect light entertainment for a boring bus ride.

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Sachintha said...

LOL man actually a good idea!
Don't be surprised if these so called 'public servents' stole your idea by the next election. Maybe you gotta patent it!


Btw, there is in fact some other trick employed when they stick posters on walls - mostly to break the monotone. In a row of posters usually they paste on upside down so naturally your eye catches such a trick. So they expect us to read them, by doing that.

Anonymous said...

That's not 'tongue in cheek', buster, thats 'foot in mouth'.

We are gagged enough by having to watch Duminda Silva cuddling little babies and being cuddled by old grannies without your giving them any brilliant ideas.

Serendib_Isle said...

Women - XXXL Size.

TheWhacksteR said...

it'd be too expensive. and our politicians operate on a low budget. have a heart man..

Jerry said...

I already did. PAtent it.

Old grannies cuddling DS? bleh...


I know man, I can be pretty dense sometimes... Sorry...
Btw, how was the open mic thing? Will come next time, apparently I have late night transport :D