Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You've Changed. And other things.

I'm not sure I know you any more. You used to keep me happy for hours on end, never failing to meet my every need. But now you've changed. Ever so slightly. I notice these things. You don't keep going for as long as you used to. I notice these slight changes, and I don't think we can work them out without 'outside help'. Or just completely abandon this thing. Yes, I have considered leaving you. Another looms in the horizon and I'm considering it. I think it started that day I got you all wet. You dried off and started being normal again but you're just not the same. You even froze up on me once. But, I guess I'll just have to go get you serviced. Abans should do...


The women's cricket world cup is going on. Why were we not alerted to the existence of this event? Were they trying to hide it from the world? Were they playing a newly discovered game of Stealth Cricket, wherein the players are disguised as pedestrians on the street and play off the streets of Melbourne, stealthily bowling through crowds, and batting ever so lightly using little ping pong paddles? Come on, show us. We won't laugh.
CB, now you know what a chauvinist _I_ am. ;)


Been playing F.E.A.R. 2 : Project Origin the last few days. It's a decent sequel to the first but takes a while to get used to after the more... free... shooters like Crysis and Far Cry. It still retains the old rushing through corridors lined with indestructible piles of paper feel. Seriously. I couldn't even break apart an LCD monitor. Maybe I was playing on settings not high enough for advanced physics effects :/ But you do get used to it after a while and it's still fun. Scary too. But I had the bright idea of keeping the grenade key on "G" and the flashlight on "F". Much confusion ensues each time I try to switch on my flashlight to look at a dark corner. OR when I try yo sneak a grenade into the middle of a patrol and instead light them up with the high beam.


Why don't we have a men's day? Women have women's day, women's rights and all the other associated paraphernalia that you're allowed to gather if oppressed. What the hell? And I wish all you cows spewing propaganda on women's day cramps in all eight of your stomachs.


Oh yeah, as per the first para, I think my phone's losing battery life. It's dead by the end of a day of slightly more than average use. :(


Gehan said...

dude u should see the ad on tv for the womens world cup.. u kno how they have all sorts of gladiator-ish stuff for mens cricket, u kno, "the ozzy giants have been defeated on home turf, now they take the battle to south africa in their own back yard!!" and they have all this armageddon-ish music?

womens world cup? some trippy happy female singing somethin abt "yea yea, love love love, peace and harmony, sunshine and fun in the sun, yea yea yea.."


Anonymous said...

You got her all wet huh? :P bad luck bro, I think it's time to upgrade

Charm Bracelet said...

Appalling! Both of you!

Middle Child said...

u men have weird ways of shaking hands with each other. we think it's appalling. that's why a day for us women. don't know about women's cricket though :S

Serendib_Isle said...

Why don't we have a men's day? I have liked you to my quick post on that:



Jerry said...

Haha! I have GOT to see this butchering of cricket :D

Actually... It aorta looks like it's gone back to normal :s

*smug grin

Uh huh. Right.
Yeah, the white suits should be there soon.

Man power!