Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Male Supremacy & Desecrated Roti

Ya know what? We've gotten to the state that men are afraid of women. Some women should be feared anyway, such as the likes of that gigantic neighbor of mine, Thatcher, Sabby and Gehan. But what does it say about our society when I actually feel the urge to look away when a woman enters a bus, for example. This urge has been borne of many years of being stared daggers at by various women who fell under my gaze while I was just idly looking at the different people around me. I occasionally look in the face of strangers I pass on the street, sometimes smiling, sometimes sizing them up. But if it's a female, forget it. Too many were the times I get stared at as if I jumped on her back and started yelling 'I'm ridin' mah biatch!!'. Unsettling, to say the least.

When I was still a naive young lad, I used to smile at people who were in my path and came close to colliding with me as I zigzagged along the pavement. Youth would have helped me in getting many of them returned, even by the rosy cheeked akka's who would sometimes pat my head. I try smiling at a akka, who is by now a nangi regardless of relative age in that strange sri lankan way, who's in my path and she just glares. Do all women assume that all men are closet rapists? The 128 teeth baring smile of my youth is gone now, thanks to you erstwhile members of the Ultrasecret Ultrafeminist Ultranazi Ultramovement.


I should really just make multiple posts with these things instead of dividing up posts, but they just seem too short.


I was out looking for food. I'd gotten bored of going through everything Perera & Sons had on offer and wasn't looking forward to be fleeced at BARS. I wanted _rice_ that day. Off I went in the sweltering heat. Switched over to the Galle road hoping to find a thosa kade-hotel like thing with something good. I pass by a few smaller shops and then remember a few (female) bloggers getting all excited about the massacre of good food in the form of chocolate forced against it's will into a roti... thing. So obviously I had to go see if it was really as good (bad) as they said. So I walk the few extra meters and end up in Hotel (De?) Hijra. By this time I'm all sweaty and stuff. So I order a chicken fried rice to go and have a Smack. The fruit drink. Not the hit. I take it, go back to office and eat it. Pretty good, large-ish and plenty of... stuff... to eat it (how many more of these bracketed texts can I get in?) with. So I can say with all certainty, the chocolate roti thing sucks. It is a vile desecration at the altar of the chocolate god. I'm all for eating everything with chocolate, but this is just going too far. See you in hell, pagans.

The heat's getting to me too.

Just missed a lunch meet thingy promising much fun (and merriment. one more, it seems) because I had to rush back to work. Which is puzzling because I'm supposed to be looking for NEW work, not hanging around the current work. :/



TheWhacksteR said...

the heat is getting to evrybody it seems

Sabby said...

You fear me??! Oh wow! I don't know how to feel. And Gehan's more man than you, little boy =P

'Do all women assume that all men are closet rapists?'
Yes. And most of the time, they are =P

Oi, Hijra (which funnily translates to transsexual or crossdresser in hindi) has amazing Choc rotti's k? Don't diss it just coz you dont have taste. HMMPH!

Delilah said...

ok obviously you havent had proper chocolate roti. the stuff at Hijra is nothing like the real thing. you need to go to Hikka and have it at 'Akka's kade. and maybe if you smile sweetly enough she'll make it double choc for u:)

messiahofmadness said...

Why not two different post?

Er... you seem to have missed me in your list of women who freak you out =S

I suggest you include it in and I'll let the whole thing slide.

DeeCee said...

Women glare because 100% of them have had bad experiences with SOME Sri Lankan men, who by far SO closeted and frustrated that they manage to say/do the most disgusting things imaginable. Any hands up for being molested/ grabbed/ touched in publec places ladies? oh plenty I'm sure.

So don't take it the wrong way. :) That's reality in our society.

gutterflower said...

Bars is yummy.
Choc roti is also yummy.
Choc roti from hikka is yummier.

You're such a drama queen, do you know that?


blackexists said...

well hate to break it to you - but the smiling thing just freaks people out. (ok - especially if it's a man smiling) but even if its a chick who's doing the smiling, some people tend to go into shock that some random person would actually *horror* 'smile' at someone they didn't know. I mean how hard is it to deal with a smile, and return it?
That said - most men who smile at a chick do turn out to be perverts at the end of the day.
and that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Charm Bracelet said...

I echo Gutterflower's and Delilah's sentiments.

U aint had the real thing until uv tasted it Hikka style - Akka's kade rocks! :)

Double chocolate - Sinful!

Jerry said...

Tell me about it :(

@sabby, delilah, gf and cb re: the choc roti
I see none of you noticed that I never said I tried the thing. I went there with the aim of devouring some, but came away with rice instead. But, staying in character, I still judged it unworthy.

@sabby, DC & black re: the men thing
So we're condemned as a whole due to the acts of a few deviants. :(

I was kidding. Why would I fear a mere woman?
And if gehan's such a man, I don't see HIM defending his honour :D

I don't smile. I cowl at servers.

Because then the two individual posts would be two very short posts.
And no. I refuse to fear a mere woman. I was kidding in the post.


Not the stuff I tried :/
Maybe I should explore more...
I think that works better with yummy, yummier and yummiest.
Also, I know. So?

But then what are we if we don't even smile at our fellow countryman? :P
What's happening to the famous Sri Lankan hospitality?

Maybe so, but doiuble chocolate also means doubly barf-ish.

Serendib_Isle said...

“When I was still a naive young lad..”

As if...

Aren’t you the podi eka still?

heh he.

Jerry said...

Yesh yesh, I am.
But I like to _think_ I'm a bit less so :P