Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh well, Might as well bide my time...

So I'm waiting in a cafe for someone and thought I'd make a post to alleviate the boredom. Visit a random blog, and start clicking from there. Listed below are my findings.

  • Whacko's labels list has Good and Evil in equal measure(2). Also a misspelled conundrum, egg, and a relieving sign of his heterosexuality in the form of (1) post on Men, and (12) on Women. I also get a kick out of seeing I'm the only blogger listed on it. That is, unless Anarkali or Ranjan Ramanayake have blogs. But that is quickly offset by his vastly greater number of followers.
  • Go over to the darkside. See yet another video of some hands playing a piano. Shudder at the horde of female fans.
  • F**CK F**CK F**CK F**CK F**CK F**CK
  • No, that wasn't at the Piano post. Something completely unrelated that just happened.
  • Hmmm....
  • Bah....
  • Anyone want cookies?
  • Still on the darkside, a map thingy showing readers all over the globe coming to see the maestro at work. Or play. Whichever it is.
  • *envy*
  • Go to DeeCee's blog. Some Buddha thing. Meh... I doubt people would go on a rampage even if there WAS a Jesus Bar. What with the whole water > wine thing, it might even be quite popular :P
  • Apple, change the world? pfft. Steve Jobs is a celebrity. Why must you idolise him for that?
  • Eyeliner and I? What be this...
  • GAH!! Poetry! Frantically click back.
  • What else be there.... Delilah Says Deliberations. Never thought people called Delilah actually existed. Just assumed it was a name made up for movies and things. I mean, it's like... I dunno. Fiction-ey.
  • Another post which I find a bit difficult to make head or tail of, so I refrain from comenting here. Er... Anyway,
  • Click on Jack's Point of View. Spanish music. Ooooh, Volare. Heard the Russel Watson version of it. Can't listen to anything due to lack of any sound from this PC. Oh well, moving on we see...
  • Sabby's blog is still missing.
  • Life in Taprobane. Woah, nice images. But... That last picture. How is the fish standing on it's side like that? Is is stuck by the fin to the rigifoam box?
  • SI has a map too, but it's coloured all brown, possibly reflecting his current view out the window of endless desert.
Wait. Why am I still writing this post? I'm off to get something to eat.
Cheerio, see ya'll at the next post.


DeeCee said...

soo funny u r :) yes, the water>wine thing is quite coolio

Gehan said...

LOL relax, the headless vids will prob cease when i start working.. :P

Lady divine said...

I want cookies!!!!! :)

PseudoRandom said...

LOL And how much time did all that clicking take you? :-)

Gehan - nooooooo don't start working! Or if you must, at least open some kind of helpline for your groupies :P And give us...*ahem* sorry I mean them plenty of warning :P

Back to Jerry...I don't think Apple has actually changed the world - I think it's just given some people a superiority complex (and an annoying one at that).

*going to find this Spanish music you speak of*

And omg I just realised that Sabby's blog is gone. Whyyy? :-(

And hehe yeah I noticed the standing fish too!

mixedblessings89 said...

I want cookies, and what about my blog?

Serendib_Isle said...

Heh he. Yeah, the guy didn’t want to hold the fish; I was on the next boat – taking pics with my mobile... what else to do? J, you cracked the mystery of the standing fish..!

Sabby said...


Hey Jerry!
You ok, luv? =)

TheWhacksteR said...

"relieving sign of his heterosexuality" you were actually relieve eh. and you misspelt 'equal' unless ur a duck and ur true self occasionally breaks out in random syllables.. cheers! next time on the beach then?

tash said...

sabby is back!! yay :)

Delilah said...

i want cookies tooooooooo and water > wine to wash it down! also i'll have you know that Delilah is a biblical name:) and an evil one at that.

Jerry said...

I know. SNORE.

SURE they will...

I've been advised to save them :(

About half an hour...?
And I KNOW! What is with people and Apple?!

Saved :(
And Didn't see your link, so no click :D

So what do I get for cracking this mystery? Any grand prizes?

Ya! Why wouldn't I be? :s
*waves back

I know :/ Hurried typing.
Also, when IS the net time? O.o


I thought she was called Mary Magdalene.... :s


Okay okay don't murder meh!

TheWhacksteR said...

will give you advanced notice.. seeing as you need to catch a plane to get there

Jerry said...

Hell, it's going to be AFTER the 11th?