Monday, March 9, 2009


There's a women's cricket world cup going on.




DeeCee said...

why would u care you liver bellied male chauvinist child? btw sowwyy hunnieee i couldnt reply to you on chat. was away from pc :)

Gehan said...

lol.. australia.. we jus lost to pakistan or somethin..

womens cricket.. jeez... :D

Anonymous said...

channel eye was telecasting some of the matches... saw some pretty intense cricket, although I must admit I've never watched womens' cricket before... :)

goddessofvileness said...

Ya, and apparently it has been running for longer than the men's version. The first one was held in 1973, two years before the men's world cup :) Cool no? :P

Charm Bracelet said...

Gehan, you male chauvinist you!!!

Jerry, pay no heed! It's just as interesting as men's cricket! if not more!

TheWhacksteR said...

And you know whats even worse? one of our blowlers even got called up for a suspect action!

Sachintha said...

Goddes, prolly men put the idea of WC into test with women, and then adopted it!

Jerry said...

Because I was wondering how they managed to carry it off without telling anyone :P
And hmph! I know when I'm not wanted

What? You watch it for the entertainment value?

Neither have I, must go see...

Like sach said. Trial runs.

You think GEHAN'S a chauvinist pig?! You obviously do not know me
Heh heh heeeeehhhhhhhh

That's how I knew it was happening.
DailyMirror alerts eh?