Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Blogging RD!

Three years and still going strong like... many three year olds, and far more entertaining than most three year olds I know. LLD has been the one blog that kept me reading through from the first time I started blogging.

Praise for RD and LLD,
"Fantastic! More fun than monkeys in a barrel!" - William Shakespeare
"Ela kiri! Game hamooma kiyawanawa" - Martin Wickramasinghe
"kwl i reeds it all teh time lol olol!!!111oneoneeleven" - jeffk

As you can see, his readership consists of people from all walks of life, who for some reason seem interested in the life of this middle aged drummer who seems to permanently be on top of the hill, and is seemingly refusing to go over it.

Here's to many more posts from our favourite old man from eeeeenglaanndd, RD!

Happy Anniversary sir!


Gypsy said...

Hahahah! I love these posts about R, they're almost as funny as The Drummer himself!

Good one babe. Classic.

Jerry said...

Glad yous likes!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thank you kindly Jerry, also thanks to Bill, Mart and Jeff for the appreciation. I almost watched one of Mr S's plays once, but decided on Mission Impossible instead.

Jerry said...

You're welcome, just keep the posts coming :)

I'm sure Mr. and Mrs. Spears will understand your decision.