Thursday, March 26, 2009

Listen Here

All you buggers and buggerettes getting your panties in a bunch over not being in the last post, calm the hell down. They're just random clicks I got through your very blogrolls.

In other news, it's odd how much this whole 'Jerry' thing helps deal with stuff. Ya know, the whole 'I wouldn't care if a walrus was gnawing at my nipples' attitude. Whatever gets flung at me, I just refer it to him and it's done for.

Have you noticed how the rest of the blogosphere is developing slightly schizophrenic tendencies? Yeah, creepy. You'll never see ME doing that...


Middle Child said...

hmph :/

Delilah said...

schizo in denial!!!!

Sachintha said...

Another one down..
I'm worried

Jerry said...


Pah, you're one of em!

I'm not down yet, fool!

DeeCee said...

shit. i think blogging starts it. I scare myself with my skitzo tendencies sometimes.

Jerry said...

Nah, you're just insane.