Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Thinkin' Man Rants About The Things That Bother Him, And Are A Pain, or TTMRATTTBH,AAAP.

The Thinkin' Man Rants About The Things That Bother Him, And Are A Pain, or TTMRATTTBH,AAAP.

Ya'll know that ahm no lilly livered yuppie type o person. I play Counter Strike, the Thinkin' Man's shooter, and not that darned Mario Kart made for kiddies. Ah shoot any dogs peein in my garden, or would, if I had a gun, and I read em books lyin around. So it's a royal pain when people can't be decent and act a lil neighborly towards others. Actually, screw others, why not just towards ME?

What the hell is wrong with Hutch? I recently got one as a secondary and it's been acting weird ever since. From balances of -7 rupees to infinite time taken to activate services, they're acting all our-customer-service-motto-is-"WE HATE YOU AND WISH YOU'D DIE!!!", and a lot more hyphenated things which I am yet to think of. The 12 thing's cool, though. :D

Next up is that fool bank with a heart. If that bank's got a heart then it's some cholesterol filled, crippled old thing cast out of cold adamantium. It's probably my fault too for not checking on it, but what the hell. I got a visa debit card thingy from them last year. Took me many months to finally go get my bank book updated. When I finally see it, I wonder why I kept taking out 200 bucks so often. Then I find it's the charge for using the card with another bank's ATM, which is most of the time since Seylan doesn't have that many branches around. Never mind that all the other banks grub a mere 50 for the same. And then there's the 500 bucks I have to pay each time I use it's credit card like functionality. That is, I buy something for a thousand bucks and I get charged 50% more. And I though _I_ was a bit retarded. I can't even use this thing online. What the hell is wrong with you, bank? At least TELL me you're going to lay waste to my account before I let you have all my pocket money? Why must you take the path of the invading barbarian hordes and just storm in, ravage my account, hear the lamentations of it's money and then run away after raping whats left over? I should have guarded it better and updated my book more regularly, but STILL. Bank with a heart my ass... They wouldn't know a heart if it leaped out of the earth sprouting heart symbols around it, dripping blood, wearing a "I BE A HEART" sash and yelling propaganda about heart attacks, while slapping them with arteries. Cows.

I'm a bit confused as to what tone this post was supposed to take... I started off with wanting to use this neato "Thinkin' Man" bit that kept popping into my head but then I sort of lost it and went all over the place with the hillbilly and the yuppies and all.

But you get the gist of it. Right?

Also no I'm not making up the charges on the bank thing. :/


TheWhacksteR said...

dude, you need to pick where you get ur services from. that bank would have beeen great for u if you were 12 and deposited 25 rupees every month and didnt know what an ATM was.

also, HUTCH??

i mean HUTCH??

you deserve everything u got u harranged fool!


DeeCee said...



Gehan said...

LOL... agreed with whackster, what the hell is wrong with u?? HUTCH?!?

Serendib_Isle said...

Jeez. Hutch?
nuff said, just grow up! Or just make some adult choices for godssake!

Jerry said...

I think there's about that much left now that I evacuated it...

@ all others
I have my reasons :P

hijinx said...

I speak for Hutch. There is much to be said for its... erm... yeah never mind. But yeah.. Hutch. Good. :D

Jerry said...

Yes. Long live Hutch. Or at least till, ya know. :P