Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's so hot I tpyo!

It's so freaking hot! I'm afraid to step out for fear of melting into the sidewalk and slowly seeping into a sewer somewhere. I wake up in the morning to a comfortable 26 odd degrees, get to work and promptly turn into a boiled carrot. Buses suck. Unless you're on the footboard or something. Even then, the only environmental controls are how you position yourself on it. But on the plus side, you get a patta upper body work out. The dude sitting in front of me sweats. I see each little treacle of sweat flow slowly down his neck and plunge into the cotton comfort of his shirt, all the while realizing that there are drops of sweat much like the one I'm staring at behind my own neck. I dab at it. I still reeked when I got off though. Stay away from me these days, I am not an accurate representation of myself.

Roosters are Nature's Snooze Alarms. Ever notice how they let out a cry at daybreak, and then keep dong it till you're awake? Even well into your morning the blasted bird will keep screeching it's throat away. At least with an alarm you can hit it and switch it off. You hit a rooster and... I dunno. Was at hanwelle recently and that place seemed to have chickens like new Zealand has sheep. Except unlike New Zealand there weren't so many stories of people getting randy with the poultry.

Going away to the mountains for a few days improves your writing skills about a millionfold. I come back, jot down a tired post and I get "Nice writing" thrown at me. Now I'm just an everyday c- wait.....*slowly places ego aside for a moment. 'don't worry baby you'll be back in no time'*... I'm just an ordinary chap with internet access and a working knowledge of the language. I wouldn't know good writing if it bit me in the face. Now, to be accused of dishing out the same is bewildering, to say the least. I will assume it was meant as a light compliment only said for lack of anything else to say about the post ...*replaces ego 'come here honey, you're okay..'*...

I do

(WIP)It's fun. I also do

(Fictional WIP)It's fun too.

I dunno. This is an advertisement. Of me. Dread having to remake portfolio. But then again making it should be fun too, if I didn't have to rush like this. Maybe something new. Need work. Money. Grass is greener and tastes better on another company's lawn. Thank god I made xml files for play lists. I recommend to all you Flash and ActionScript junkies - TweenLite and Five3D. Probably the best combo of libraries I've come across in my (admittedly limited) experience with flash. Just realized, renders. Time... I need a super duper PC...

Phones grow on you. I never thought I'd grow attached to a phone, but I have. It's been through many hazards such as being lobbed over my shoulder and drowning in a wet pocket, and come out with only a few scratches. Although, thanks to those infernal Sony engineers I now cannot claim warranty on it because a little white spot on the back has turned red now that it got wet. Cows. Those genius cows.

Uncomfortable is when your boss's wife is looking for Russian music and you have the bright idea of suggesting she search ISOHunt. Go over to PC, commandeer mouse from her, navigate, enter keywords.
Be assailed by results for Russian videos of a questionable nature.
Rapidly close tab, grin sheepishly and scurry off.

Finally, Mustard is a colour like my ass is the next brown president of the USA. It is much akin to calling a spade a cow. Mustard. Hmph.

...Or is it something like Orange? Is mustard a fruit? It's that yellow powder stuff right? And in some cases paste. Or something. OR, is it some tropical fish? Bleh... Just call it light brown or something will ya? Easier for all concerned.

Oh, and Gehan, here you go-
"How do you keep coming down to colombo to make posts? Or do you just use message relaying monkeys to carry a written page down to colombo, to be typed and postd? hyuk hyuk hyuk"


Indyana said...

No you just DO write well! :)

gutterflower said...



There you go, that's your lesson for the day.
And I'm so nice, I won't even charge you for that.


Jerry said...

You're just saying that becase I commend your cooking!

So, Brownish Yellow.

And that 'lesson' isn't chargeable :P

Indyana said...

My cooking! When was that child...? And believe it or not, I'll say have a really nice way of writing, with a touch of the comic and stuff! Now take it or leave it!hrmph!

Jerry said...

I'll take it,
Thank you! :)

And no, I just sort of.. made that one up. :D