Sunday, June 24, 2007

Spy Vs. Spy

Just this weekend I was playing around with my friends camera, a Finepix S5600, And was pretty damn surprised by how effective it's zoom was. I mean, I could actually do that thing Veronica Mars does every monday! Take pictures of people without them knowing! (Yes. I tried it)

That made me wonder, What if someone is taking pictures of ME in the street? I'm sure my dashing looks and sexy walk draws camera lenses like lawyers to a colony of celebrities. ;-)
. Anyway, Does this mean the REAL end of privacy? Will we all have to dress up like muslim women? Oh my god! Those things really make my midriff look bigger!

But, besides all that, Cameras are really cool nowadays. Not the regular point and shoot kind, but prosumer models...... Must add one to my wishlist.


Anonymous said...

Even if you dress like a Moslem woman, you cannot deprive ones right to imagine your figure within that dress.

the_jester said...

Yes. I suppose, but he can't take pictures of his imagination can he?

John said...

why in heaven's name would you want to wear women's clothing? Out of all the full body clothing options you have you chose women's clothing!!!!!??