Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I against I

You ever notice that sometimes, your brain just isn’t on your side? There are some situations where you just wanna get it exchanged. “Hey there God, I think you wired this thing in wrong, whaddaya say to a replacement?”. There must be some sort of guarantee plan on the thing right?

Situations like when you’ve got around an hour to waste on the web, and yet you don’t remember all the sites that you made a mental note of. None of what your friends told you, or you read in the paper is brought out. It’s like its playing games with you, dangling your memory just in front, but out of reach. The author of “xkcd” moans about how hard it is to forget, yet here I have it, brother. The human brain does not forget when you want it to. No, it is far too cunning a creature to do that. It knows everything you know. It IS you. So it just forgets the things you need most.

Situations like when you’re heads just about bursting with all manner of hormones, and your brain decides “Okay, forget all reason and let me just remove the locks on the ‘things you never say’ box”. All these years you manage to keep your cool and be the bigger person and exercise that thing called ‘Control’. Then you just lose it. Nothing. You've just let out everything you've managed to keep under wraps.

When I see people going on about "The wonders of the human brain", I feel a distinct need to throw a wet fish at him. Sure, I like my brain. I've become quite fond of it, you could say. But please, God, gimme a link to download the .pdf manual.


ChiliLady said...

I wanted you to know, i really enjoy reading your blog and added you to my favourits! :-)
hope you have a great day!
Chililady from Austria

the_jester said...

Thanks chililady! (That was weird to spell...?)

Actually, the day's just ending here. :) Tomorrow looks bright!

Six & Out said...

Mate, this is why you should drink up kill those braincells. It does more harm than good if you ask me.

Btw- if you ever do find that link, drop by my blog and let me know!

John said...

It's just senility settling in. Don't worry about it. You won't remember that you have a terrible memory pretty soon.

the_jester said...

I found an idea in I'm in the process of sending HIM a bug report.

If I'M going senile where would you be?

Shifani said...

Throwing wet fish at people is fun.