Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Airtel can go DIAF

As you might have read, I've been using Airtel for a while now. Still switch back to dialog occasionally, but primary is now the 'tel.

Airtel sucks ass.

Somehow, I expected them to be better. I mean, is it too much to expect decent service from one of the largest telcos in the world? Is it just me or is Airtel challenging me to find a crappier service? I mean, even Hutch, the 'beggar network' isn't this bad. I make a phonecall and I'm certain there will be some disturbance eventually. It recovers, but a few seconds are unintelligible. About 20% of calls get cut off eventually, and a disturbing percentage of the time, the thing doesn't even work at all. Through all this, switch to dialog and everything's fine.

Weird thing is, even on the tel, the signal strength is usually full, but it still sucks. GPRS usually disappears after a few hours till you restart the phone, and data transfer is painfully slow a lot of the time.

Now there have been rumours about them not getting their fair share of bandwidth or something, but well, they ARE rumours, and I'm not really inclined to believe them.


Piss said...

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a bombay onion yaarrr?
is that why yaarrr?
you like yaaarr?
Airtel yaarrr?
dang da na dang dan ta na na na dang dan ta na na na na na na you're fucking gay.


~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Airtel doesnt want to give anymore Broadband connections to user in dehiwela area!! They are starting to challenge themselves if they can last in the market!!

Jerry said...

lol, I don't like them you stupid hack :P

Wonder what they're doing with all that money :s

TheWhacksteR said...


Jerry said...