Thursday, June 4, 2009

So I was thinking(again)

I can't really remember what the last 'So I was thinking' post was about. No, that isn't what I'm thinking about either. I just created a wordpress blog and hell, WP is brilliant! It's practically Google Analytics in the dashboard, with some added extras. So I will probably be switching to that permanently. I would also like to know if anybody has a way to export blogger posts to WP. I feel like I've discovered chocolate after eating cocoa powder for so long, believing it to be bounty from heaven.

Twitter is strange. It's kind of addictive, yet we(the 'locals') use it not for its intended purpose but as a mini-chat like thing. It's a great big orgy of instant messaging. Whenever you go to sleep or work, anything that takes you away from the internet, you feel this strange... feeling... of being disconnected. It's like waking up in the middle of the night, to find yourself sleeping on the floor. You know things have happened, but you're not quite sure what they are. For example, leave @stfallen and @papareboy alone in the wee hours of the morning, and you find all sorts of words like 'Pani Bunis' and 'I don't love you anymore!!!111' floating around when you log on in the morning. Thoroughly disorienting when you expect things like "Going to work. Boring day" or at the least "Whackster looking for attention of the troll-ish persuation. Yawn".

At least now we know to stay away from people like @pseud0random who tweet saying "My favourite past time is to push little girls off their bikes and steal them". The bikes, not the little girls. Oh, now we know where LLD gets all that insider info on bloggers. Sneaky.

Sabby has yet again abandoned my blog I see. I have proof! Google reader tells me that there are only a few dozen hits from the middle east, and most of them come from Google keywords of the anti-flying machine variety. Flight simulator, bomb, hijack, U-235 decay rates, AK-47 suppliers and 'Airline Food Menus From Around The World' feature quite high on the list.

Speaking of menus, this small cafe thing just opened up across the road from where I work. T'was quite an adventure going into it. The lone table inside was surrounded by about five people. As soon as they saw me, they sprung up and dispersed, giving me a "you just HAD to come in here, didn't you? If you don't order for at least two, we'll take you to the Zionist thing back there and do Zionist things to you." Zionist sounds like something Dr. Evil would make up. Whatever it is... *looks up in wikipedia. Ohhhh.... But then why is it practically right next to some Islamic girls' school? That's just asking for it. Females already dressed for some ninja action just a wall away.

Anyway, I walk up to the counter and this dude who looks like he has a subscription to "Linux Illustrated" stares back at me, beard and all. I meekly as for two little burger things and a cup of black currant juice. Get a feeling of various eyes boring into me. Look around to see the previous knights of the round plastic table draping themselves on various fixtures around the room. A doorway would bring me a curious look, the far end of the counter suddenly looks away, pretending to stare at the items on display.

I take my eatables to the table and eat. Quickly. Stuff it all in my mouth and get up. Hurry outside.

I don't look back and hightail it back to work. I don't think I'm going in there alone again.


Gehan said...

muhahaha thats because she's reading mine muhahahaha... [looks at 3% hits from middle east] muhahaha..! :P

Anonymous said...

don't move to wordpress man... you'll soon get depressed with the lack of control... *sigh*

they don't even have a proper blogroll, theirs is just a link list... There's a way to direct import blogger from wordpress, I think... The longer XML route is also there, of course...

don't move to wordpress... :(

and are you serious about pseudo? ;) lol

Jerry said...

Reader STEALER! :P

I happen to like wordpress, and think it has MORE control :P

Sabby said...

I read, I readdddd!
I just don't have the time to comment!

I liked wordpress, even though you have to do most of the stuff manually like Chav Chav said.

And about Twitter, well as I said, people won't be tweeting much if they had each other on MSN or something.

TheWhacksteR said...

yeah im sure there's a reason why the whale pops up on twitter so often. and was this place called 'Zionist' anywhere outside your imagination? sorry if i missed that part where you clarified it, i was too miffed at the mention and was going thru my bit over and over and over :D and yes, i would stick to blogger if i was you. Wordpress charges you for plug-ins which blogger gives away for free iv heard

Cadence said...

Chicken :P

The puppeteer said...

HA! Finally seen the light, eh?
I've blogspot blog (which I've currently converted into a sort of poetry page)as well... so take it from me, wordpress is more for the serious bloggers. Lot more options and you do have complete control.
If there's one problem with WP though, it's that you don't have much of a say in the design.
But then that's compensated for with everything else that blogger doesn't have.
No, I've not been paid to endorse WP, but honestly after WP there's no chance I'm going back to Blogspot.
And yes, you can import or post.

Jerry said...

Sure you do. Of course we all know comments take hours to write :P

Actually, it was. It's right next to the Zionist Christian something something, and is called the Zionist something Cafe.
And something something.

What? They might have made me eat hummus.

You're never loosing that name.

Yup, don't much care about the theming thing... might even get my own domain later.

St. Fallen said...

just export your blog from your dashboard
then go to tools on WP and click Import (:

switch to WP
you don't use any additional plugins WP doesn't have, so it wouldn't matter
only downside is you can't use external themes and such
but you can always pay ;)

Jerry said...

Will do.