Friday, September 7, 2007

My Teacher! No, It's not an "I love my teacher" post.

The mathematics teacher, to be precise. Why do I mention this Homo Sapien ? Well, Because he has had a huge effect on our lives, Mostly bad.

First off, He could very well be the first Teacher/Politician combo. No, really. We imagine he was one of those dudes who ran around in a bandanna waving a rifle and shouting slogans back in the 80's. It's quite evident that the fire in him, so to speak, has not yet burned out completely, as even in class, he says things like "Is making a sum even close to as hard as lifting a sack of grain"? In Singhalese, of course. He has to keep with tradition, even though it's the "English medium" class. Perfect logic, If you don't understand, congratulations.

Second, he sounds like he's trying to speak through his nose. Okay, that isn't so bad, but it adds to the effect. Says "Gnak" a lot. But the best part is, He's totally anti-capitalist. He sees a guy chewing gum, and says "You fellows will eat any dirt those foreign buggers make". Or even better, "Who ever benefited from learning to work with computers?". Yes. He said that. Maybe he thinks Mao was the richest man in the world. Can you blame him? He probably lives with poultry in his bedroom, And goes hunting for wild boar around Maharagama. "It's just a machine which shows pictures when you press buttons". I can hear you all screaming HOW IN THE WORLD DID THIS GUY BECOME A MATHEMATICS TEACHER IF HE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT COMPUTERS DO?

Point is, he's a weird character. And I now realize I have nothing left to write. And that I probably just wrote this because the blog was looking awfully starved of recent posts. Yeah. Hey, Don't read this post.


poojitha said...

its fun having teachers like that, i still enjoy memories of that sort of teachers

Mia said...

"Who ever benefited from learning to work with computers?" This saying takes the cake.

"Is making a sum even close to as hard as lifting a sack of grain" --Don’t understand this one. Can you write this in Sinhala,to see if it makes any sense? I mean the way he said it in Sinhala, using the English alphabet.

Parthi said...

i wonder wht he will think if he knows that ppl living aborad use the calculators for everything...from like grade 6 or something..and there arent any sine cosine tables...i really wanna see his reaction!

the_jester said...

Yeah, they do make good memories! Just have to grin and bear them for now.

"Oya gaanak hadanawa kiyanne haal gooniyak ussana tharam wath vedada?"
Or, Effort required to

Make Sum < Lift Sack of Grain

He was quiet for a WWWK when I told him my brother made a program to plot graph's on the PC. You know, y=mx+c.

Mia said...

Lol that is so funny.
How old is this guy? 30's? 40's? 50's?

the_jester said...

I think he's about 40 or so. He got married a couple of years ago, so I assume him to be about that old. Although with this guy, you can never tell.

God have mercy on his kids.

John said...

All the cool people study commerce. Only people with tweed coats and weird habits study mathematics. Unless of course you live in a movie. In which case all people who study mathematics are either
1. Coat wearing college professors who have problems with a member of their family
2. Extremely hot girls who are rather stuck up but loosen up at the end of the movie to show that they too are human.

the_jester said...

And I expect you think of yourself as a shining example? You wish...

Maybe if you watch, You can gleam something off me.

John said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John said...

alright mr.smarty pants. Exactly what can I "gleam" off you? The word you were looking for was "glean". Slight typo at a critical moment? I don't think so. It was the shining example of Commerce Superiority.

Lady divine said...

oh talking about teachers...they can get pretty weird.... made me think of the teachers who taught me... there were some weirdos alright...

there was one particular science teacher who would make us copy chunks of notes and doze off in class.. I think he slept more than he taught! and ofcourse he got kicked out! :-(

the_jester said...

See? Commerce students have nothing to do all day but check spellings on peoples (well written) text... By the way, Always start a sentence with a Capital.

@Lady D
This guy sleeps too. He didn't get kicked out. Not yet anyway.

Mia said...

I am thoroughly enjoying the developing brotherly battle, in the comments section.
Ok John it is your turn now. : )

Let me check my spellings and capitals before submitting. Yep everything seems to be in order.

John said...

Spling erors ar fyne ass loung as thy werr a misstake. The differences between glean and gleam are on a cosmic scale. It shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the underlying semantics of the English language. In other words - you are a maths student.

p.s. - It helps immensely if you have FireFox 2 installed. Spell checker built in.


p.s.s.- FF tells me that I spelled this word wrong. But I know better because of my commerce education.

the_jester said...

Would you just look at your keyboard a moment? See that "M"? Now, right next to it, there's a "N"! Surprise, Surprise!

No Firefox at cafe.