Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good Art on display. Look at it.

The latest fruits of my brief labours. Whaddaya think?


John said...

the sig is too big men. need to make it more... sig like. the userbar is cool though. animate it so that you don't have to use such a small space

Mia said...

Wow the top one is really good.
I like the second one too but ‘the jester’ needs to be a bit more distinct. What font did you use for 'the jester'?
How good are you with photoshop?

the_jester said...

Okay okay, I'll make it thinner before I put it on the forum. Though your posters will miss the extra few centimeters of it.

Thanks. It's called "Anglican Text". Occasionally fiddle around with Photoshop.

Mia said...

I like that font.
About photoshop- I was wondering if you would mind writing posts, explaining basic features. You know, few lessons :)

the_jester said...


"Photoshop-Teachings by the master"

No? Oh well, Maybe something else. I'll try and post a couple of things about PS later.