Wednesday, October 10, 2007

GaNgStA sTyLe !!!!! and more !!!!!'s

I noticed that I didn't have any posts for October, And I need more posts, and hence more pages to place advertisements for you to click. So, Being the shallow and materialistic person I am, Here's the next post!

We all listen to music. We all love it, We all blindly follow what the lyricist says. Okay, Maybe not that last bit. But take a rap artist for example. Say 50 Cent or any of the other aspiring "Rapper/Gangstah!" combo's out there. Along with them, you find a flock of ardent followers who will dress like 50, walk like 50 and even think like 50. Yo! You gettin' my vibe fool?

Dear God, Why? What's with dropping your pants and wearing t-shirts two sizes too big? It's not just the dress. They have to talk like that too. "soz howz life dawg" Yup, they can actually use a simple letter at the beginning of a sentence when TALKING. All that's just about bearable, but what drives me up the wall(Not literally, okay?... ;) ) is that these guys use this type of thing when typing too. Come on, You've got a whole QWERTY keyboard in front of you, try using all the keys. And just bueacse msot poelpe can raed txet lkie tihs, Doesn't mean you can type like that, dawwg. I see some profiles on various social networking sites(No, I don't use them, I was doing some...research) and I see stuff like

"dis doods tha kewlest guy ppl!!!! rock on nigga!!!!"


"yo dawg, wassup.............. jus lookin at ur profile an man!!!!!! kewl dood!!!!!"

And sometimes

"yo fool, heard u gots a hair transplant.... gd 4 u dawg! v cn hook up wit da chiks now!!!!!!! don worry i won tell ne1!!!!!!!!!"

And many more exclamations in the comment boxes. How hard is it to spell properly and actually use the "Shift" key? First time with a keyboard? Probably the last because going by the typing, I doubt it'll get you anywhere near a job with a PC involved. Probably be bagging groceries, Or polishing my shoes. And it's not just the "Rappers" who do this. Even the "Extra Weighty Metal" fan's too. With their black clothes and "Rap SUXXX" t-shirts, they parade around the streets saying stuff like "None of it Matters man, We all die in the end anyway", And other such philosophical gems of thought. Most of them are like vampires and are afraid of sunlight, the bible and music other than heavy metal, Because the rest isn't "Real" music.

Wake up suckers, It's all just the hormones and stupidity talking. Get into rehab.

P.S. - Yes, I do listen to rap music sometimes, Even right now, WinAmp is playing Stronger by Kanye West (Great song). And even rock. Linkin Park happens to be my favourite band, and one of my current quick access play lists is Phobia by Breaking Benjamin. But I don't walk around dragging my feet and claiming I'm a "niggah". Nope, I just sit in a corner of the shower and cut myself to see if I can get high... What? ;-)


Kulendra said...
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Kulendra said...
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Kulendra said...

Nothing wrong with metal or heavy rock :(

Kulendra said...

uh oh! u'll have to delete the last two comments :S

John said...

I was just going to say you were going to get flamed or spammed. batten the hatches and get ready for the firestorm.

Also, what about techi types that keep supporting PC's over consoles? hur hur hur

Azrael said...

Wht u tlkng abt u fool? Don dis da brtherhud u dawg, dis da systm...mistah jestah

Ok Ok I am not a rap fan. I'm a proud metal head. So beware. We vampires are more powerful than you think.

(See proper spelling, lest I get the wrath of the Jester)

Mia said...

Yo maan wassup up? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Hail Jester!
I am glad this post came from a seventeen year old. Sad part is there are aping gangstas of Sri Lankan origin living in the US, walking the walk and talking the talk with the mistaken belief that is hip.
It is stupidity stemming from lack of originality and self worth which in turn make them mimic like monkeys. Also to be accepted by a group that they believe is cool and hip.

the_jester said...

@kulendra & Azrael
There is nothing wrong with metal, or rap, and as my PS says, Even I listen to them. Just that some people go overboard with it.

You aren't going to send over your cronies from the tnl forum are you?

Weeellll, Gangsta talk doesn't sound too convincing coming from someone like you... :-)
And to the rest of it. YES.

John said...

you said "wassup up", that's two ups! :)

I don't have cronies. Anyway we stopped talking about music and the LP arguments are a thing of the past. This is a new begining.

and in case you people are wondering what the heck I was going on about visit

heh heh free advertising.

Mia said...

:) Lol John, did you have to?
If you didn't, no one would've noticed. Just like the real talk. No sane person understand what they talk anyway. :)

the_jester said...

Okay, That's it. You'll have to click on my ads at least a couple hundred times to pay me back for the adveritising you placed on my site. You must be getting at least 500+ posts a day now that people saw it on my blog... ;-)