Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Multiple Posts

I've been posting two posts at a time these past few days, and I've noticed something.
You don't notice the one I post first.

That is, according to google analytics. I am yet to think of a viable explanation for this yet, and yes, I DO want people to read what I write. I do not profess to "just write my thoughts down". I AM narcissistic.
And thank god for firefox's spell check.

So, one post a time now.



uhu said...

... and at least on my comp.. the firefox spell check misses stuff sometimes.. not half as reliable as batman :)

Megara said...

I found your blog! >=D

Gerald said...

Batman can't spel eithr.


It wasn't exactly hidden was it? :P
And yes, I DID in fact stumble across a blog which I think was yours... Bwahahahahaha!