Sunday, July 8, 2007

V for Vendetta! Oh, and the Silver Surfer too

This movie is awesome! It is every persons dream to be part of something like that! I mean, It was so bloody awesome! Words cannot describe my joy/exhilaration/excitement at seeing this movie!
Best movie I've seen this Year! Maybe even last year too.

Anyway, In other news, my brother's blog( seems to be more.... humorous than mine... So now i'm left with having to actually THINK up stuff to write.

Also, The Fantastic 4 are just corny. I mean, could they BE any more comic book like? It's like they're reading the script off the newest comic book to hit the stands. It's so corny you could make popcorn with the DVD! Or so corny as to make some sense out of that last sentence. What I'd like to see is a movie abou the Silver Surfer. Man, This guy is cool! It could be called "The Silver Surfer : And the corny bunch of freaks". This is just my view, so if you like Fantastic four : RotSS (See, even the abrevation spells "rot" ) , Go see if your butts got "4" stamped on it.

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