Friday, September 12, 2008

Nothing, Living on "Teh Edge" and Obama

So yeah... I'm doing nothing now...
And it's tiring. I didn't realize how hard it is to just do nothing for weeks. Yes, it takes effort to do nothing. That's why they call it "Actively doing nothing".

Anyway, my mother's not home for two weeks, so most meals are now improvised. I had roti and chocolate sauce for breakfast today :/ Yes, tis a hard life, and my last journal entry read thus -

"Day 6 : Food supplies running low. I saw someone swipe the last bit of my bread pudding the other day. It's every man for himself now. Potatoes have become our bread and butter.

I might not make another entry for a few days, or maybe even never again. Already started hallucinating. A potato asked me to save the whales when I was boiling it.

I have to go now, for I fear any more sitting at this PC will allow them to break me. THEM. The potatoes. 


You might argue that they're not all that bad, for example, they're great as pets. Keep them long enough an they start sprouting little... things. But trust me, they're evil. But on the other hand, I'm honing my skills all the time. For example I learnt that custard powder tastes very bad, and that you shouldn't try to open little packets with your mouth. Also that it is best not to use a meat cleaver to clean your fingernails.

But I'm off on a tangent again... In other news, I'm experimenting with Flash to make my portfolio and leaving the PC on for hours rendering stuff in Cinema 4D. Hopefully I'll have a job by the time the astronomical electricity bill arrives. 

And with the great wisdom of all teenagers, I cast my vote for the black guy in the elections in the US. The white guy's a redneck.

I can see the headlines now "An epic battle between white and black, good and evil, gay marriage and free beer!". And don't be all "Ohh look he's calling him a black guy!". What AM I supposed to call him then? It's the easiest way to identify the dude, you racist!

And with that meaningless message I sign off for yet another week of aimless wandering...

P.S. - The top three books list will be posted later!


DeeCee said...

hehe for the potatoe scene. Good luck in the kitchen. Hey give me advice on learning flash? Should I go for classes or online tutorials..? Fun post :)

Jerry said...

I just checked the help for most of the basics, then online tutorials and stuff for code examples. There's LOADS of libraries out there that increase your productivity. And add some functionality.

I'm currently playing with Five3D coupled with TweenLite.

Happy learning!

gutterflower said...

Lol. French toast and maggi noodles, my friend! Thats all you need to know to survive. :)

mixedblessings89 said...
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mixedblessings89 said...

Never mind the top three books' list, roti and chocolate sauce? Dude, wtf?! I mean, that won't even tase nice...
Look, I'm sure your part of Colombo has eating joints- you know, take aways and stuff... I think if you just ventured out, you might just find something, no?
Oh, yes, and most packets these days come with instructions of what to do with them... so, like somebody suggested, Maggi noodles won't be such a bad idea.

Fun post, otherwise :)

Oh, yes: it's easier to boil potatoes first, before you fry them n stuff...

Good luck!

(valiantly smothers giggles, and tries to look sympathetic)

sorry bt that- gt posted twice for some reason...

Oh, yeah- I liked the Obama bit.

Jerry said...

Just might have to do that. Mum's been delayed another week.:/

Whaaaaat? It tastes good! :P
And I live outside colombo. But yeah, there are eating places...
And glad you liked it!