Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Working Man

So I’m employed now. I like it and stuff. Easy work, decent pocket money.
But I keep getting this nagging feeling of being just a little too early to jump onto the work bandwagon. Everyone’s studying. Not me. I had enough of that to last me a lifetime. Though I do realize I’ll have to get back to it sometime soon.

Which leaves the question – What am I going to do now?


Times Eye said...

how old are you? good to start working early

Azrael said...

congrats on the first job

Dont give up on your studies. Do something that u enjoy. you can also do your studies part time, while earning some cash.


mixedblessings89 said...

Hmm... yes, it's a tad early, I think, but if this is what you want, then this is what you want... Thing is, it'll be hard to progress later on without proper degrees, so why don't you look at something like graphic designing?

Congratulations, anyway :D :)
BTW, I need your opinion on st...

DeeCee said...

ohh i go through the same feeling...soooo since i finished a professional Qualification, i started an acadmic one. and i got exempted quite a bit, which is quite cool methinks. :)
If you like, learn something like french or go for a short course like project management at NIBM. or graphic designing if thats your fancy. So SOMEthin..coz sometimes work dulls the mind, if you know what I mean...

Jerry said...

@times eye
18. This is before any kind of professional education...

Thanks, and no, I don't intend to.

I will be. Might even come over there to continue studies. :D

This is just temporary, and I do plan to do some sort of degree thingy later. Just, till my results arrive and I've finalized stuff..

gutterflower said...

Egads. Now you're reading my mind!

I'm starting an internship, and I was having the same doubts because the working hours are long, and I barely had time to recover after exams and am diving nose first into this. Plus, its going to mean a lot of sacrifices on my part.

And glad to hear that you're not shelving your studies. You shouldn't. The temporary glamour of a pay check now, is nothing compared to what can be achieved once you're qualified.

Lets hope things work out. Good luck!

mixedblessings89 said...

Go see. Then tell.

BTW. Jude Law? He's HOT.

Jerry said...

Thanks. And yes, lets. But meanwhile, search for options. Research.

It's the future, we better take it head on.

Jerry said...