Monday, December 15, 2008


I was tagged by Blacklight Existence and so here's the post. Right after this render of an idea I stole from a Calvin & Hobbes strip. Original is here.

This year has been weird. Life has been, as they say, a rollercoaster. That's if you've been on one in which you keep heading down, and down, all the while screaming at the top of your lungs that you don't wanna grow up. List follows - 

- Read less books - I only read a handful of them this year. Switched to reading stuff off the internet.

- Got a job - Coolness.

- Left school - Meh-ness.

- Learned stuff - From ActionScript to local roads, life is an open instruction manual.

- Met people - A few, but they were... okay.

- Changed - I thought I'd never change.

That is all I did the whole of this past year. All the little things seem pretty insignificant. All in all, 2008's been a rough ride. But it's smoothing out now.

Before I forget, listen to "Christmastime" by Aimee Mann. It's an old song but a nice one. 


Lady divine said...

"life is an open instruction manual"....
good one!:)

Jerry said...

Thanks! True, nonetheless.

messiahofmadness said...

Rollercoaster? Ha! Who's more theme-park-y!

Jerry said...

It's still you. My rollercoaster doesn't promise "self discovery and oodles of fun"