Monday, December 1, 2008

How To Creep Out Your Friends With Pictures

I realize many of you still don't know about this, so here's a way to figure out which camera/phone make and model was used to take a digital image. Seriously, you can creep people out and claim that you dabble in stalking too, with this little neato trick. All that is needed is windows.

Right Click image of choice > Properties > Summary > Advanced and viola. Click link for larger image.

This is for Win XP. Vista users can go figure it out for themselves. And mac users shouldn't be using digital cameras. And linux users probably already have a homemade util to find how, when and where a picture was taken, not to mention the ability to find out the person's mother's maiden name, his father's drinking habits and the number of his girlfriend.

Oh, and if you want to remove this metadata from an image, the easiest method is to copy and paste it into Paint. Then save it as a different file. But this results in quite a bit of quality loss. Or you could use photoshop's "Save for Web" dialog. There's probably some utility on the internet that will remove this stuff on batches of images too.

Oh yeah, don't mind the mess of icons.


mtaconsult said...

Hi Jerry,

Know thy Mac!
Meta data was an innovation introduced first in the Mac OS 9 version!. going way back and long before Windows started reading the data. It was built-in to iPhoto, which is why iPhoto, and iPhoto´s Adobe cousin Aperture, soon became the favourite tools of professional photographers. Meta data was meant to be a cataloguing tool for the professionals.

Jerry said...

Well if some other version of windows was released back in 99, it (probably) would have been included, since EXIF, which is the standard used to store his stuff, was created by JEIDA, says the mighty wikipedia.

Anyway, that's besides the point. I was merely taking a jab at mac users not being able to get around the controls of a cam.


Foxhound said...

Ha ha... neat!

TheWhacksteR said...

woah.. now i gotta try that sometime:) ciao jerry

Jerry said...

Cool, try it out.

Why is everyone saying "Jerry" now...?

Indyana said...

Yikes! that's scarrrry!!!

Jerry said...

Everyone calling me jerry is scary?


But well, now you know how to get rid of it.