Monday, November 17, 2008

Pollution? Phooey!

Have you checked out our little island on some satellite imaging service online? Anything will do, google maps, Live maps et al. The most striking thing is, we have lots of trees.

Just look at it. It looks uninhabited save for a few roads and large buildings. Highways are just silver streaks through a green ocean.

It's cool though, this means we can pollute all we want and cut down many more trees till they start becoming scarce.

When the day eventually comes when the rest of the world is either dying of skin cancer or freezing to death, we in Sri Lanka will be happily lying under the shade of a nice big tree.

"And then suddenly, nothing happened"


Foxhound said...

Is that a Space Quest quote... or is that just me?

Jerry said...

Hell! I knew it sounded familiar.
It was floating around my head at the moment.

I have no idea what Space Quest is though... :s

TheWhacksteR said...

Im sure it could be from Dounglas Adams though. sounds like him

TheWhacksteR said...

make that Douglas =)

Jerry said...

Anyone's guess. I just caught it wandering around my head...