Friday, November 21, 2008

Woohoo! Gmail themes!

Now your inbox can be sexy too! Look and be amazed!
Click for larger image.

And no, this one's not like the last link I posted :P


Anonymous said...

My excitement is a day older..and THAT is MY theme!!!!!!

Jerry said...

yeah. My brother got it yesterday too.

And noooeeesss!
*changes theme

Anonymous said...

Nice. But it will take some time to load.

Sabby said...

Teehee...I got one toooooo!
Mine's the graffiti thingamajig!

Jerry said...

Yeah, especially the image intensive ones, but I'm not too concerned since I just leave gmail open all day.
Try "terminal". Fast :D

Coolnezz! innit?

Spice said...

Terminal is cool, gives a Matrix tech feeling. hehe.

Mine is graffiti right now.

Jerry said...

Yeah but it's less readable...

And speaking of the matrix, that manly chick trinity was using something like this wasn't she?

"THE trinity who hacked into [something something]?!"
"That was a long time ago"
"I thought you were a man"
"That was a long time ago too"


mixedblessings89 said...

I didn't like the new themes too much...

Oh, hello to you too...


Jerry said...

But why? :o

They are teh kool.