Monday, November 3, 2008

Mamma Mia, and Music

I am writing a post about the movie "Mamma Mia".

I watched it. yes.

Anyway, I liked it too. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm as much a jackass as any guy out there, and would never own up to liking this movie in person. But well, since I probably won't see anyone who reads this for some time, or at least till you forget, s'okay.

Now, my experience with musicals is limited to just three movies. This, Hairspray and Phantom of the Opera. Nevertheless, I shall give you an in-depth and thorough review of this movie. :P

The story's pretty straightforward, just run of the mill stuff. And in the end we don't even know who the father is either. Oh yeah, there might be spoilers in here. But it was a fun movie. Just that saying it out loud could get you beaten up in public. I dunno, is it a chick movie? It sure has all the ingredients...
Shallow story, Fairytale-ish occurrences sprinkled about and lots of "Girl Power". Which reminds me, Why can't we have "Man Power"? :D Another post or another day I guess.

And now onto the PS's -
Ever noticed how the music you listen to sets your mood? I put on some Tool on my way home, and felt like staring down everyone in sight. Then I switch to Sarah Brightman, and I'm all "..." and "peace, brother". :/

And does anyone know what the starting lyrics of "Hymn to Her" by the Pretenders mean?

"Ive been your lover
From the womb to the tomb
I dress as your daughter
When the moon becomes round
You be my mother
When everything's gone"

Just sounds like some serious incest going on in there, like a redneck family reunion...


Nikang said...

Why are all the silly movies considered as 'Chick flicks"?

Well.. this movie definitely had NO plot, but singing along with it, and doing all the hooting and whistling woz lots of fun... YAY to "Girl-Power"...and yes, had a lot of it...
Again, WHY? Guys are definitely stupider, I guess all those violent, brawny movies with the same ol plot and one real good fighter hot woman needs to be considered as urrrm urr...uh.. dammit- "peach flicks"...Muhahaha..

Ps: A *pat on the prolly blogged about it coz ye know it would win ye a popularity vote from ze Ladies ;) *wink wink... Why jester, thou art evil!

niroshinie said...

I went to see Mamma Mia Sunday and I LOVEd it! I had this silly goofy grin on my face the whole time! And there was this old couple - A seeya & an achchi next to me and they were singing along as well :) which was sooo sweet...

Sabby said...

I watched Hairspray (Not out of my own free will...I was threatened to and dragged to the cinema kicking and screaming) and I actually enjoyed it.

But Mamma Mia is definitely a No-No by me. Yes. Me. Being a chick. Saying no to Mamma Mia.

I guess you are just more woman than me, Jerry!

Uhhh...ermm...don't kill me?! =) Thank God blogs give you some sorta anonymity! *Evil grin*

Jerry said...

Because most "chicks" watch "chick flicks" :P
And yeah, sure. I'm BOUND to meet all the people who come on here.

Well, they were probably dating when the songs came out or something. :D
You weren't imagining them in tight pants were you? :D

My retaliation shall be rapid and unexpected. You better grow eyes on the back of your head... >:D

Shifani said...

Yeah it's sad but true that most chicks watch chick flicks! Fools giving the rest of us a bad name.. >.<
And the song's about a daughter mourning her mother's death! Tis some wiccan poetry jazz, sounds jibberish to the layman.

Jerry said...


"most chicks watch chick flicks"
You say.

You also say "Fools giving the rest of us a bad name"

Therefore, you're saying that most chicks are fools?