Friday, February 6, 2009


Whack's recent post got me thinking again. He's been hitting a lot of nails on lots of heads recently. As unbelievable as that may seem.

Cool things change fast. For example, if software piracy was called something like "Illegal data reproduction", do you think so many people would be into it? How can they hope to stop it with a name like that? Leaving that question hanging, let's see what people are like.

There's cool, there's uncool, and then there's you and me. "Cool people" I say, are a myth. Many people might think you cool for something or another, but many more will regard you as just another sheep. Uncool people are abound. You all know them. But then again these "uncool" people are cool to some others. Even this judging of whether someone is cool or not would make me uncool, right? But some people do act certain ways to have an effect on others. And none of you can deny it. Be it either impressing the hot girl in class or trying to get a job. Is pop culture cool? I think most of us would slap an "As seen on MTV" sticker on the face of anyone trying to imitate Soulja Boy. Even the people who go all out to distance themselves from pop culture are called retards. Mommy and Daddy work till five so they wander around looking for trends to rant about. Then there are people who feign semi-insanity in the hopes of getting noticed. And then there's people who keep spewing stuff to entertain others, and try to 'Peddle sarcasm as a higher form of wit'. Like me. Not too sure on the 'entertaining' bit though.

There is no cool or uncool. Just people... who do... stuff.


TheWhacksteR said...

yes. at the end of the day, the world is just full of people who just do stuff. but its amazing how it gets convoluted enough that the 'stuff' takes a life of its wn. kinda like frankenstien. *puts down hammer*

Jerry said...

People are frikin jobless.

Anonymous said...

"Many people might think you're cool for something or another, but many more will regard you as just another sheep."

Nah... you're just another sheep.
I'm the definition of cool!

This reminds me of one of my doodles... will post it up.

Jerry said...

See, saying that makes you uncool. Go crawl back into your cave with the rest of the uncool people!


Sabby said...

I have lots to say but I shall reserve my comments.

Jerry said...

Why? :(