Thursday, February 26, 2009

Temporary Absense


This is a first...

Well anyway, I won't be posting too often for the next few weeks atleast, and probably won't be commenting on many posts. I will read them, but it'll be on a tiny phone screen so I'll be too enraged at your post by the time I get to the end of it to have anything useful to say. I'll even take a while to reply to comments, since opera mini throws a fit each time I try to comment on my own blog.

There being no internet at work anymore is the root cause of this. So yeah, feel free to stone my boss if you see him on the streets. Also, on quite a related note, I'm looking for a job. Again.

So, I'll see ya'll around! Although I may not comment, rest assured that your posts are being read, and systematically judged by the High Court of Me.

PS- Will still be online though, so no worries on that end ;)


Sachintha said...

You're quitting your job 'cos you don't have internet, don't you?

I'm proud of you son, you're a true blogger!

Lady divine said...

OMG! I can't imagine doing a job without internet!
Goodluck with the job hunt.. what exactly are you looking for? what kind of job?

The Celestial Dream said...

Man, I don't think I could live without the net, its become a crucial element in everyday life na?

Hugs and luck :)

Jerry said...

The internet is one factor, yes :D

Anything, more or less :s
Design prolly...

Yes. I'm wasting awayyyy :(