Thursday, February 5, 2009

One of THOSE posts

I'm in a contemplative mood today. Not that I'm not always contemplating things, like how I'd look in that dude's t shirt or what a sock tastes like, but at the moment it's different. I've been trying to read Excession, written quite brilliantly by Iain Banks, and my mind's back in that 'why did I have to be living back in the 21st century' mode.

But alas, my skills in getting what is in my mind onto my blog are too amateurish to attempt an explanation. I think the problem lies somewhere between the keyboard and my chair. So instead, I will regale you with tales yesteryearday.

It began at the usual 12am. I was awake. Worse, I was under the misguided impression that I was being terribly funny while half asleep. I apologize to any who had to witness it. There should be some kind of law where you can't use words longer than two syllables from 1am - 6am. They might sound like a good idea at the time, but it's like eating ice cream with a fork. It might work, but it's just not right. Then I went to sleep. Then I was awake again. Then on TV there were some tanks and things going by and I was going 'omg omg the Russians are here! get to the basement oh noes we don't _have_ a basement!!!' and then someone told me it was just the GI Joe movie with our president as Cobra so I calmed down. Then I threw fire extinguishers at zombies till breakfast. But a beaver ate my scones so I kicked it. And THEN the neighbor started playing rap music so I opened the window and yelled "HOW BOUT SOME TCHAIKOVSKY YOU PAGANS!!??" and he hit me with a shovel so I threw the cat at him.

After that it was a blur of doing nothing, going out to a friend's place to get some movies and back home for dinner.

Oops, I did it again. Not sing along to Britney Spears, just that this thing is turning into a diary. I think I am rapidly going into that zone where I won't need the "not quite" bit of the blog title...



Spice said...

are a you a cartoon?

sounds fun to watch. I had this friend of mine, whom I could just sit n watch n be entertained. even picking up a book in her world is cartoonic genius come alive! was that sentence written right? oh nvm.
but seriously. are you?

DeeCee said...

u are an...



Jerry said...

Yes. I just jumped out of a reel of Tom & Jerry. Notice the name? :P
It's 'comedic, or comic genius'


DeeCee said...

haahahah spice!!

TheWhacksteR said...

why not do away with the 'not quite' bit anyway man. we are all suffering from an illusion of sanity.

sorry, no witty remark today.

Jerry said...

at least you're not laughing AT me this time...

Believe what you wanna believe but you'll never get that turtle to do your SQL strings for you.
No worries, dispense them at your pleasure.

TheWhacksteR said...

but then, dont you think that all beings are made with the same mental construct and therefore should be shaped differently only by the different realities they encounter? like red plated armour wearing cows for instance?

Jerry said...

Not exactly. All beings are just.. beings. With different degrees of awareness. The red plated cow itself would merely wonder why it feels heavy. A human observer would be puzzled as to why the cow is wearing it. The cow doesn't get the concept of "normal", for it to realize insanity when it sees it. The human only sees insanity when it manifests itself as something not considered normal, or socially acceptable, at the time.

Sabby said...

I thought I told you that you don't need the 'not quite' bit a loooooooooong time ago.

And I think your sleepless rambles thats supposed to be between 12 - 6 has taken over the whole day.

Oh Jerry.

TheWhacksteR said...

exactly my point, therefore since no cow nor man knows definitively what sanity is, it goes to follow that no cow or man would definitively know what insanity is either. They are just artificial social constructs that rationalize the fact that everyone has to be the same. It is a trap to forever doom our species to eternal savagery. therefore my suggestion that you should dispose of the 'not quite' part of your blog heading is quite valid.

In fact, go ahead and dispose of the 'insanity' bit also, for the reasons we discussed above. And we all know beauty is subjective so you cant use that there either.

Jerry said...

Pah. I still retain SOME scrap of sanity.

Yes, but with reference to the current "definitions" of insanity, I can form an idea of what is, or what isn't, insane. At the moment. It evolves and changes according to what society is thinking. Like the definition of fun, even.
Also, I'm left with just "A sort of mind"

Spice said...

If that's the case, do you really think you have a mind up there? You might be disillusioned into believing so, in ur current definition of 'mind'. But do you really have a mind? so now
you could just do with 'a sort of'

TheWhacksteR said...

Hmmm i see your problem man,
how about

a sort of existent, a not-quite aligned-with-the-current atrificial-socially-constructed norms-of-sanity er... mind?

okay okay now im just taking ze pizz. nice post though, thought provoking

Jerry said...

Nah, the definition of 'mind' stays the same. Like a sort of CPU for biological beings.

and whack
This post was just... stuff. Do you mean the comment?

TheWhacksteR said...

yeah you're right, its probably the comments :D

Thing said...

do not fearr madnesss.. it iss a friend in dissguisse

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh G.I Joe!!!

Yo Joe!
He'll fight for freedom wherever there's trouble,
G.I Joe is there,
G.I Joe!

Rise of the Fallen said...

finally getting good shit eh? :p

Jerry said...

So says you. I don't want multiple personalities.

Wooo!! "Real american heroeesssss!" :D

No, I don't make a habit of stumbling around going "It's 4:20 somewhere! gehehe"

Middle Child said...

one of THOSE posts indeed ! :S

Jerry said...

What are YOU nagging about, woman?