Friday, February 27, 2009

Untitled 3 - Buses & Hair

You know what? Monday, I wasn't too late, I was too early. I got to fort around 10pm yesterday, and got off at the station. Didn't have a bag full of wet clothes to carry around so I wasn't too weary of walking. Not finding my bus at the station, I head off to pettah. Iron Man starts playing. I felt like Rambo or something, stalking through the pavement stalls in the darkness. But it seemed alright, since there were many more people around. I just managed to get a seat on a bus which was rapidly filling up. Saw a bunch of open shops along the way too. So it was just that fate decided to drop me just beyond the "living" radius from Colombo.

Anyway, what I got here to say was, why in the world do we have hair? Why couldn't we have just gotten fur? Ever since I got back from camp It's been acting all weird. One minute it'll be all Bob Marley-esque curls and the next it'll be plastered down like a cat on the highway in front of two rapidly approaching headlights being followed by 18 wheels. People usually go on these things to find themselves. My hair seems to have lost itself. So I yell "Don't screw with me hair!!11one" and it goes still for a second. Then it just makes me look like Charlie Chaplin and yells back "You don't scare mee!". Stupid hair. I am powerless against it. It haunts me in my sleep. Seriously, it'll get all straight and try to poke me in the eye. Way to kill the mood when you're dreaming of - ..nevermind. I tried poisoning it by throwing kerosene on it, like, you know, kerosene irritates things like snakes and well hair is long and you know, the Medusa had snakess for hair and like, so, hair == snakes. But it just got in my eyes and I got o spend the day at the hospital. Why doesn't anyone get the snake analogy? It's like this. Imagine the hair is a fish that lives only in salty water, and that it breeds once in three weeks. Now think of the snakes as polar bears, who hibernate for long periods. Now, polar bears are white. You get what I'm saying? Yeah, that one always works.

So anyway,

I swear, if it weren't already dead I'd send it all to the gallows. But since the best way to torture the dead(As we all learn from TV) is to make them wander the earth rattling chains. They get really cranky and go all "mokada do???" at you. So I decided to nick some of the jewellery lying around the house and draped it over my head. Now I am a Pharoah. King Tut En Jerrymahn.

I think I need a Panadol or two... Headdd

****Now Playing****
Finally got back to gaming. Stopped halfway in Dead Space.
Modelling a Miata instead. You will see the fruits of my labours soon :D


Dark Angel said...

Nice writing...quite insane!!:)

Sachintha said...

Trust me, son, you're not insane at all!

Sabby said...

What the hell?!
I don't talk to you for three days and you go all looney on me?!
Oh poor Jerry!

Jerry said...

Thanks, glad you like it!

What are YOU going "son" at me for, old man? :P

Nah, it's just the heat.

Disease said...

Good Stuff Mate you just crank me up every time with your writing =) Hope your hair is ok now and behaving the way you want it to =D


Jerry said...

Nah man, hair is still acting all angsty.

Glad you like it!