Sunday, February 15, 2009


Lies! They're all lies I tell you!!



Paparé Boy said...

What's up, dude?

mixedblessings89 said...

Have you finally lost your mind, or does this post have some obscure significance?

Sabby said...

Oh Jerry, what exactly did you do?!
...Should we be concerned?? =P


myprerogative said...


blackexists said...

yes. Its a lie. Deal with it :P

DeeCee said...

Stop being hysterial woman!


and tell us!

TheWhacksteR said...


realskullzero said...

hey dude whats up?...

TheWhacksteR said...

oh HEy man!

hijinx said...

aww check out the outpouring of concern... especially when u don't deserve it :D those aren't was a confession :P:P

Serendib_Isle said...

Trust No One.

Jerry said...

Everyone. See next post.

PB - Next post :D

mb - No.

sabby - :P

mp - I await your post :P

BE - I know :(

DC - Nevarrrrrr!

RSZ - What do you mean "hmm"?

whack - Not much. Back at work :/

RSZ - ???

jinx - SHHH!!!

SI - I learned that too late :/